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More than Make Up with Mary Smit

February 02, 2021 Mary Smit Season 1 Episode 4
Film Fresh
More than Make Up with Mary Smit
Show Notes

Mary Smit has served in the film industry for 15 years. She is a professional makeup artist, and hair stylist, and has also worked in wardrobe. She has completed over 30 feature films including Mom’s Night Out, Beyond the Mask, War Room, Like Arrows, and Overcomer and numerous short films, commercials and television work. Mary has a heart for raising up the next generation of filmmakers. When she’s not filmmaking, she serves on her church’s praise team. We hope you enjoy this episode of Film Fresh! 

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Mary Smit’s IMDB

Mary Smit’s first film was Facing the Giants. Watch the trailer. 

Learn more about the AWANA church program Mary discussed.  

Mary’s favorite verse 2 Samuel 7:18

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