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T.C. Stallings Uncompromised and Unstoppable

February 17, 2021 T.C. Stallings Season 1 Episode 2
Film Fresh
T.C. Stallings Uncompromised and Unstoppable
Show Notes

TC Stallings is a former professional athlete now finding success in film and television. T.C. made his feature film debut in the 2011with the hit movie, "Courageous" leading to his break-out performance as "Tony Jordan" in the 2015 hit film, "War Room". He’s also appeared in tons of shows, commercials and films, and has an exciting new Feature Film, My Brother's Keeper hitting theaters in March.   In 2020, T.C. also became an Executive Producer & Show Runner for the newly formed PAX-TV Network launching out of Dallas, Texas and he’s the national brand ambassador for Clearplay, a company with the mission of providing families with clean, wholesome entertainment options. T.C. is a wide-ranging actor, and a huge advocate for clean family entertainment .

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James 4: 13-14
Psalms 139:16

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