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February 24, 2021 Nick Schroeder of PAX TV Season 1 Episode 10
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PAX TV and Family Entertainment with Nick Schroeder
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Nick Schroeder is an actor having appeared in film and television. He’s also a creator, writer, producer, executive producer and a business guy which makes it no surprise that he’s now the CEO of an exciting new venture, PAX-TV.  Entertainment you can trust.

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Film Fresh Podcast - Nick Schroeder
[00:00:00] Nick Shroeder: [00:00:00] We live in a time now, when you can literally make a movie on your phone and it's going to look amazing. And so there's no excuse not to do it growing up for me. We didn't have any of that stuff. Unless you went to film school, you didn't have access to a camera or editing equipment or lighting, but now you can shoot something on your iPhone and it can look like a big budget, Hollywood film.
[00:00:20] Just do it. Do as much as you can make short films, make videos, get your stuff out there, fine tune your skills as a director or an actor or whatever it is, and just keep working at your goal.
[00:00:39] Jared Easley: [00:00:39] I think to the film, fresh podcast, the latest and clean family-friendly and faith based entertainment. I am one of your hosts. I'm Jared Easley. And of course the joining me is. Someone who's moving on up. He's the Bitcoin of family-friendly podcasting. It is Chester goad, jester. How you doing, buddy? I don't know if I want to 
[00:00:57] Chester Goad: [00:00:57] be associated with the Bitcoin.
[00:00:58] I don't know anything about it. [00:01:00] So, um, I don't know. I'm not sure that's a good thing to hear and I don't know. 
[00:01:05] Jared Easley: [00:01:05] So yeah, 
[00:01:07] Nick Shroeder: [00:01:07] it's up like 400% in the last three months, so it's a good, 
[00:01:11] Chester Goad: [00:01:11] excellent. Okay, then I'll take it. Oh, that's hilarious. Oh my goodness. Well, this is not about me, Jared. This is about our friend, Nick Schroeder.
[00:01:20] He's an actor having appeared in film and television. He's also a creator writer, producer, executive producer, and a business guy, which makes it no surprise that he is now the CEO of an exciting new venture packs, TV entertainment. You can trust here to tell us more about himself and PAX. Stevie. Welcome to the show, a fellow creative and a great guy.
[00:01:39] Nick Schroeder. Thank you 
[00:01:41] Nick Shroeder: [00:01:41] for having me. I appreciate being here. 
[00:01:44] Chester Goad: [00:01:44] We're so glad that you were able to work this out before we get started. Consider this kind of the pre-show real quick. You just got back from a conference and you've been doing some things. And I thought maybe our listeners would like to hear about where you've been and what you've been 
[00:01:56] Nick Shroeder: [00:01:56] doing.
[00:01:56] Yeah. So I actually just landed, just got off the plane and was able to get [00:02:00] to the office here for this interview. I was in Texas for about three weeks. And if you guys don't know, Texas is where PAX TV is going to be located, located at Capernum studios, just outside of Fort worth. That's where our offices are going to be.
[00:02:16] And that's where our studio is. And they're building out the studio specifically for the, some of the shows that we want to do and the specs that we gave them. So I was actually down there checking everything out. For a few weeks. And I was able to be a part of a mini series that's being filmed there as well.
[00:02:30] And then of course, we had content 20 this last week, which is a phenomenal, phenomenal conference film festival summit. They do all kinds of classes and it's, it's a really great time to network and to learn some, some great. Some great information for new and up and coming filmmakers. Oh yeah. 
[00:02:48] Chester Goad: [00:02:48] I would have loved to have been there.
[00:02:49] Yeah. 
[00:02:50] Jared Easley: [00:02:50] Wow. That's so cool. Okay. So Nick, one of the things we'll love to do is kick off with a story, something funny, something that made you laugh, you got any jokes are [00:03:00] funny family moments, something that happened recently that you could get us off on the right foot 
[00:03:04] Nick Shroeder: [00:03:04] with here. I have a story that comes to mind.
[00:03:06] I don't know how funny it's going to be retelling it, but when I was on set. And just so you guys know I was filming Washington's armor, which is an amazing new mini series coming out about the life of George Washington as a young man, this takes place in his twenties and it's based on his actual journal entries.
[00:03:23] And these are all kind of historical facts and stories that people don't know about when they're not taught in school. And it's a really, really cool mini series that follows him through his journey right before the French and Indian war really shows how God has had a plan for him and how God preserved him, because there were so many times that he should be dead and he's, and it's a really, really cool mini series.
[00:03:46] And so I just want to plug that. Absolutely. I would tell everybody follow Washington's armor on Facebook, social media, and look out for that series because it's going to be a really, really good one. And so I was filming and I've been lucky enough and very blessed and [00:04:00] honored to be a part of this production.
[00:04:01] And I was cast in it. So I play a character in Washington's armor, and I actually had a stunt double for a lot of what we're doing. My character escapes from prison like three times. And they catch him every time. This is a, this is a scene where he's running away from, from the French and he trips. And he kind of does a somersault and goes head on down this, this Canyon.
[00:04:24] And it was actually a pretty crazy stunt that we had to do. And so I had a stunt double for this. And he did a phenomenal job. He did probably eight takes of falling down this Canyon job. And I was so glad he was there because I would, I would never be able to do that, but they wanted to get my face, you know, in a close-up of me kind of sliding down and doing this thing.
[00:04:46] So the eight and. One of the, actually the tie like coach was pulling me on a, on a blanket, on a sound blanket. So I'm sitting on a sound like it and they're just pulling me down the Hill. Well, our dialect coach [00:05:00] jumps in rich Swingle is an amazing guy and an amazingly talented dialect coach. He's like, I want to be safe about this and I don't want anyone going down this Canyon.
[00:05:10] So I'm going to stand behind you and I'm going to guard you guys. And so we're going along and he's going, going, going, going, all of a sudden, you just hear this loud scream and riches at the bottom of the Canyon. He's the one who's supposed to be watching and making sure nobody goes down there. And he's the one who ends up falling down anyway, somebody recorded it.
[00:05:28] And when we watched it on their phone, it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen about
[00:05:35] hope. He's all right. He is, he's fine. He lashed out at anybody. I will say, I'm going to hunt that video down and it will make its way to social media. Well, I didn't 
[00:05:45] Chester Goad: [00:05:45] know where you were going with that. When you said you had a sustained devil and you were, you were running away from, you know, prison and people you're being chased or whatever.
[00:05:51] And I was thinking, you know, I just, um, just recently got back into the gym over the last couple of months. I'm like, I would probably need a stunt double just to run right now. 
[00:06:01] [00:06:00] Nick Shroeder: [00:06:01] You want it? You don't even know how embarrassing it was. I'm like, it was like this four sport athlete, like an athletic guy. They have me running through the woods and I'm like the next day I could barely walk.
[00:06:11] I'm still hurts. My hips hurt. I'm like, man, I'm not 25 anymore. 
[00:06:18] Chester Goad: [00:06:18] Goodness eight or so let's dive in for just a second. Tell us a little bit about your personal background and how you ended up as the CEO with tax 
[00:06:26] Nick Shroeder: [00:06:26] TV. Yeah, well, that's a long story, but make a long story short. I started out as an actor when I was 19, 20 years old, went to New York, went to Florida, actually made my way to Los Angeles.
[00:06:38] Pretty much spent my twenties in Los Angeles. And when I was out there, I was involved with some really amazing. Christian, you know, men and women of God who are very, very talented filmmakers, writers, directors, actors, actresses. And so I was surrounded by some really good people and I was able to be involved in the ministry out there.
[00:06:59] It was a [00:07:00] theater company, actually Eastern sky theater company. And I was involved in a production that ran for seven years and over 12,000 recorded salvations from that one play. And we were lucky enough to be able to film that. And it's been around the world. It's been seen around the world. It's actually airing on Amazon right now.
[00:07:19] So if you have Amazon prime, you can watch that for free. So I was really, really lucky to be around some amazing people. Um, I ended up working full-time and in ministry for about two years. And God just pulled me out of the entertainment industry and asked me to do this, and I really didn't want to do it, but I knew that I knew that if I didn't I'd be disobedient.
[00:07:37] And so I just went full on into ministry for, for two years and kind of left, you know, all the acting and writing behind. And then in 2015, I left it completely. I moved back to the Minneapolis, which is where I am now. And I was in. Construction. So I just started a construction company and I was the owner and operator of that company for about five years and got into real estate.
[00:08:00] [00:07:59] And so I was doing nothing with film and entertainment and my prayer always was, you know, God, what's my purpose in this because my heart is to be creative. My heart is to write my hardest to act, make films. And I always felt like God was telling me you're exactly where you're supposed to be. And so I said, okay, well, I, I guess I'm doing this now.
[00:08:19] You know, I guess this I'll close the chapter on, on the filmmaking part of it. And I will just do what God has me doing right now. And then my, my prayer shifted to God. I want to be able to fund projects. I want to be able to fund ministries if I'm not going to be actively a part of it, I want to be able to make it happen.
[00:08:38] And this last year, God just. Open doors for me and pulled me out and pulled me back into what I'm doing now. And so it really took me full circle. And I think, you know, he just, there was a lot of growing maturing things that had to happen. I'm amazed to be honest with you, I really honestly can't believe that I'm doing what I'm doing or I'm in this [00:09:00] position and it's only God.
[00:09:01] And so, you know, you hear people say that there's no way that I could have done this on my own. Well, a hundred percent. I mean, I'm not talented enough. It just happens to be that this is the call that God has on my life. And I knew it from a young age, but as you go through the years and years, tick by, and life happens, you kind of lose sight of that and you go, wow, I'm calling me.
[00:09:23] Or was that just something I wanted to do? You know? And I've watched God pull me back into that. And I've just watched the, you know, I've watched what he's done. And so it's a really cool place to be for me right now at this time in my life. For sure. That's good stuff.
[00:09:47] it's 
[00:09:47] Jared Easley: [00:09:47] possible that there's people who are listening that may not be familiar with PAX TV. Can you just tell us a little bit about the programming and the mission and the original where the idea came? 
[00:09:57] Nick Shroeder: [00:09:57] Yeah. So PAX TV is. [00:10:00] PAX is Latin for peace. So that's what PACS means is just peace. And the tagline is entertainment you can trust.
[00:10:06] And you know, the content out there is, it continues to get darker and darker, you know, absolutely watch Amazon. You know, I was a nineties kid, late eighties. You know, nineties kid and the shows that we would watch, they all seem like they all had a moral message, at least end of the show. It would all wrap it up with some sort of life lesson.
[00:10:28] And I just, I don't see that at all anymore. I just see things, like I said, just getting darker and darker and PAC CD kind of wants to be an alternative to that. You know, we want to be an alternative, a safe. Place for families, for kids and anybody who just wants another option to what's out there right now.
[00:10:46] We want to be encouraging. We want to be inspiring. We want to make people, you know, feel better and do it in an entertaining way. We're really focused on high quality entertainment. That's going to rival anything that you're going to see, you know, [00:11:00] on a Netflix or an Amazon. But you're going to get a good message.
[00:11:03] You're going to be inspired and you're not going to have to worry about what you're going to see or what your family is going to see. So that's our goal with it. And then obviously we're all believers, we're, you know, Christ centered. And so in addition to just having good clean family friendly, inspiring content, We also are going to have shows that are very Christ centered and that share the gospel.
[00:11:28] And we're not going to shy away from, from that in any of our shows in any of our series, because it's, it's who we are. And so we really hope that, you know, people respond to it and we believe people are looking for something like that. Well, I don't know. 
[00:11:41] Chester Goad: [00:11:41] I completely agree with that about the, you know, needing the need for an alternative that's out there.
[00:11:46] And I know that for us in starting this podcast, we decided what we wanted to do was highlight people who are offering some sort of alternative to what's out there. And one of the things that prompted that for me was, well, not only, [00:12:00] not only, you know, flipping through channels and Netflix and things myself, but also noticing more and more people who are saying that and pointing that out and.
[00:12:08] I had a friend who posted it was just a funny little post on one of our social networks. And basically it said something like don't ever watch so-and-so with your 80 year old grandmother. And I thought, man, you know, that's true. You can can't even sit down with a grandparent now and watch something without it just being horrific or having the potential to be.
[00:12:26] So that's why we started billing fresh because there's so many people out there who are trying to do good things and to offer good content that families can watch together. So. I really appreciate that. I imagine that it takes a lot of people from a lot of different backgrounds and expertise to pull off a whole network.
[00:12:42] That's going to be committed to family entertainment. Tell us a little bit about how your team connected with each other, especially with others who are committed to the mission of PACS. And, and were you initially looking more for expertise or were you looking more for that commitment to Christ and the mission 
[00:12:56] Nick Shroeder: [00:12:56] first?
[00:12:57] Yeah. So we do have team members that are [00:13:00] all over the country and we have people who are in Australia. We have people who are in London. So there are a lot of people who are connected with us. Most people are in the United States and eventually everybody's kind of funneling to Texas as we get rolling and things are closer to launch here, but it's amazingly, it's just been.
[00:13:19] God's providing. I mean, he really is. He's just opening the doors. He's bringing people to us. He's people on our hearts to reach out to, and we really want people who are called to be a part of PAX TV. That's our big concern now. We are, obviously you have to be qualified, you know, depends a position because we're looking for people who are very talented, very gifted in their field as quality.
[00:13:45] But we want people to be able to fulfill their call that God has on their life through PACS TV. We don't want to pigeonhole anybody in saying, you have to do this. If they're not called to do it. Mm, it's really cool to see who God has [00:14:00] brought to the table. And it just seems like every time we have a conversation with someone, the first time TC Stallings, he was on your, I believe you've interviewed.
[00:14:08] Awesome. Yeah. Yeah. And so he's an a, if you don't know, he's an executive producer with PACS is also a managing member of the company. And the first, the first conversation John, John Hannon and myself had with him. He said y'all are located in Texas. He's like, I just put my house on the market, I'm moving.
[00:14:27] And so that kind of stuff is happening. When we reach out to people, you find out that they've been praying for, for the exact opportunity for months or years, or they put their house on the market and they're moving to Texas and they didn't know why. And so we were really seeing that happen with each and every person that's involved.
[00:14:45] And a lot of times what John Hammond is our founder. And what he'll do is he'll ask people. You know, just pray about this and see what God says before. He says, thinking about a job opportunity or anything that he has on his heart for them to do. And they'll come back and they'll say, I [00:15:00] don't know, but I, you know, God's telling me to be a part of this God's telling me to move.
[00:15:03] And so that's the cool thing about PACS CV is because I really believe that the team that's being built is really being put together by the Lord and as being a God. And so that's, that's something that's really exciting for me because you know, this is the film industry. This is making movies and. You know, it's not hard to find people who want to be a part of that.
[00:15:23] You know? I mean, everybody wants to be a part of that. And there's, there's a lot of very talented people out there, but we just, we want the right people who are called to be a part of this. And so, and I see that happening. I do see that happening. And so that's, what's exciting for me. It's 
[00:15:38] Chester Goad: [00:15:38] like an intentional spiritual gathering of people.
[00:15:40] I love it. I love hearing about it. That's cool. 
[00:15:42] Jared Easley: [00:15:42] I also love hearing about that, but I, in the, you know, in the realistic side, my wife would be like, well, Who's paying for this. So my question is what's the plan for continued funding and support of PACS versus sustainability? 
[00:15:56] Nick Shroeder: [00:15:56] Yeah, so, well, I mean, for the company in general, we [00:16:00] have several revenue streams.
[00:16:01] Obviously we have subscriber base. We have sponsorships ad spots. And he's like that. So the initial startup funds all investors and we've got good people working for us in order to raise the funds that we need. We've raised a significant amount in order for us to get up, up and running and then get us through what we need to do to really be able to get pack CV out there, get it out to the world, film some original programs.
[00:16:25] And we're just believing God for the rest. I mean, he's really come through kind of every step of the way and he's providing what we need when we need it. And so, you know, we're, you know, one step at a time and we're just, we're a lot of this is being done in faith, which is, you know, very not, I won't say different for me because I mean, I do have a lot of faith, but as a businessman and a CEO and somebody trying to start a network and run something like this, a lot of things are being done very contrary to the way that I would be done or the world would do them.
[00:16:56] And you know, I look at him and go this. This doesn't make any [00:17:00] sense. It 
[00:17:01] Chester Goad: [00:17:01] just does things differently. 
[00:17:02] Nick Shroeder: [00:17:02] Doesn't he? Exactly. Yeah. And you know, it's like every time we'll get a phone call or we'll get an email or some way it happens, it works out and God provided. And so, you know, I'm learning as we go through this process really.
[00:17:15] Two. Yes. You know, there are certain things I need to do in wisdom, but I I'm giving it up to the Lord and I'm just letting him do whatever he's going to do with it. Yeah. 
[00:17:25] Chester Goad: [00:17:25] Typically when we would ask a guest about commitment to family friendly content, since we're talking about an entire network in this case pack, Stevie, we've seen that.
[00:17:34] The PAX motto and the branding is entertainment. You can trust. And you've, you've spoken to that just a little bit. Nick, can you give us the listeners a little bit more insight into what that means in particularly I w I saw there was something on one of the pages that talked about, you know, PG 13 content, maybe fine.
[00:17:49] It's that you're, you guys are looking at things individually. So can you speak to that just a little bit? 
[00:17:52] Nick Shroeder: [00:17:52] Yeah. So it is a case by case basis, and I'm not, I'm not at all, all opposed to like secular shows or [00:18:00] films. If they meet our content guidelines, you know, like, no, obviously, you know, obscure, cussing or nudity or anything like that.
[00:18:06] But if they have inspirational message, if they have a good, solid moral message, I, you know, that's the kind of stuff we want on there and our heart. Is for this network and this station is evangelism. We want to reach the world. So reach people who are lost and what's going to attract them to us. Why would they want to watch our content?
[00:18:24] It has to be, it has to be high quality. It has to be something that is going to be entertaining and something that they're going to want to watch just because it's good. But then in the process, they're going to hear the gospel. And so that's really, that's our heart with all of our continent and starting out, you know, I'd rather have 10 things that are really awesome than, you know, a hundred things that are like, okay.
[00:18:46] Or they want to watch. Right. You know, having said that, I think TC Stallings said it the best. And one of the interviews. And I think this was even when I was talking with him, he said, you know, we're open to anything. As long as, you know, if God walked in the [00:19:00] room, you could keep watching it, you know, or you wouldn't have to feel bad about watching.
[00:19:03] Exactly. Yeah. I like it. Yeah. That's our heart. And I love the way he put that. You know, it doesn't have to be faith-based, it doesn't have to be Christian. It just has to be. Something that, like I said is going, gonna meet our content guidelines and kind of keep with the integrity of what we want.
[00:19:27] tell us 
[00:19:28] Jared Easley: [00:19:28] about some of the programming that's already established and, and then maybe give the listeners an idea of the most exciting project in the pipeline right now. 
[00:19:35] Nick Shroeder: [00:19:35] Yeah. So there's a lot of shows that we're working on that. Not necessarily all of them I can really talk about because we want to do a reveal, but one of them that I'm really excited about is, is a show called the rise of defect.
[00:19:46] And that's being done by some people out in Los Angeles. Timmy REITs is a pastor out there who I've, I've known him for years. And he's one of the hosts putting this together. The, the whole purpose of the show, it's kind of like a [00:20:00] docu reality series. And each episode, they highlight someone in the community who is really changing the atmosphere of that community and changing lives is kind of the unsung heroes who are rising above.
[00:20:15] Everything that's been going on in culture. And this last year, and this last few years, these people who are really stepping up and, you know, just changing people's lives for the better, and these are people that you would never hear about and they don't get any awards for it. They don't get any praise for it.
[00:20:32] And so I really love what these guys are doing because they're finding these amazing people. And they're going into the community and, you know, they're just highlighting them and they're honoring them. And I think it's a very inspiring show and people need to see that they need that, you know, there is hope and it's not lost and there's good people out there doing incredible things.
[00:20:50] And so I'm, I'm very excited for that show. That, that sounds great. Yeah. And they're doing a great job with it. We've got another show. That's more, obviously more [00:21:00] biblically based, which is the truth about angels. That's one that John Hammond specifically is very excited about as close to his heart. And really it's just going to each episode, we've got, we've got a biblical scholar, pasture, archeologist historian.
[00:21:15] This guy is kind of a Jack of all trades when it comes to. Biblical knowledge. And we have a couple of their hosts in each, each episode. They're just going to discuss the topic on angels. And we're going to focus on the biblical teachings of what angels actually are. And we're going to try to break some myths and some tradition that's not true.
[00:21:32] And we're going to talk about obviously the, you know, the demonic and the fallen angels as well. And so I think that's going to be a cool series because the prizes really, a lot of people really don't know the truth about angels, even believers. That's true. Yeah. Yeah. There's a lot of strange misunderstandings about angels and we're gonna use the Bible to really just give some sound doctrine and some sound teaching on that.
[00:21:57] And I think it'll be very appealing. We want [00:22:00] it to be very appealing to nonbelievers as well, because so many people in this day and age are very open to like the spiritual realm, the spirituality and ghosts and demons, even if they're not believers. And so we hope that this is going to. It's peak their interest and expose them to the Bible, you know, through something that may, may maybe an interesting topic to them that they want to hear about, but then they're going to get biblical truth at the same time.
[00:22:25] So I think that's going to be a good show 
[00:22:26] Chester Goad: [00:22:26] for sure. You got it. You got to speak about PAX Regnum too. 
[00:22:30] Nick Shroeder: [00:22:30] Yes. And then I was just gonna, I was just, I saw 
[00:22:33] Chester Goad: [00:22:33] the teaser for that. I think it's gonna be great. Yeah. 
[00:22:35] Nick Shroeder: [00:22:35] Yeah. And so. Tax Regnum is our, is our flagship show. And honestly, that's why tax TV came about because John had first had the idea for PAX rag them about seven, eight years ago now.
[00:22:47] And he's been doing research ever since. And he's like, how do I tell this, this story? And PAX Regnum takes place from 40 BC through the book of revelation. And it's based on historical and [00:23:00] archeological fact, along with scripture. And so. It's not just Bible stories, but it's telling the story of Christ.
[00:23:08] From the perspectives of some of the most influential people throughout history. You know, these aren't just Bible stories. These things happen. They were history. They were major political events taking place, right? Life of Christ. And the time that Christ was on earth, literally changed history. As we know it.
[00:23:26] And so it's not just the apostles who wrote about it. It was historians wrote about it. Secular people wrote about it. People wrote in their journal, you know, what was going on. And so we take all of that information into account and we tell this really, really compelling story in a way that's never been told before.
[00:23:43] And you know, all throughout. The new Testament, there's people who are named, you know, like this letter is to Theopolis well, who is this guy? You know, like, what did he do? Why is his name in scripture? You know, there's a whole list of names at the end of Romans. And it's like, why did Paul [00:24:00] name these people, you know, open letter to Rome when Christians were being persecuted in Rome and it's like, he's writing a hit list.
[00:24:07] And so we go into all of these stories and we tell who these people are and why they were written, you know, in some of these characters who just show up for a brief moment, like Simon of styrene who carried Jesus cross, we'll go into a whole backstory of who that guy was his son, because he just happened to be there that day.
[00:24:24] And watched his dad carry this cross for this guy who they've never even heard of before and watched crucified. His son was one of the, one of the most prominent leaders in the Roman church, a decade after that. And it's really, really cool to get some historical perspective of all of these biblical characters.
[00:24:43] And it really puts. It really puts the story of Christ in context, in history, excited for that. There's going to be 48 episodes over four seasons. And each episode is between an hour to two hours long. So essentially each episode is almost a movie and [00:25:00] that's pretty significant. Yeah. Yeah. It's, it's a massive undertaking, but we're really going to be able to do, uh, Tell us some, some pretty amazing stories.
[00:25:07] That's great. What 
[00:25:08] Jared Easley: [00:25:08] advice do you give to someone who's aspiring as a filmmaker or a content creator? That's interested in doing family entertainment, but they may not have that huge budget or the connections right now. What do you, what do you say to them? How do you encourage them? 
[00:25:21] Nick Shroeder: [00:25:21] Well, I just tell anybody who is a creative or an artist and wants to do create is I just tell them to create, I mean, we, we live in a time now when you can literally make a movie on your phone and it's going to look amazing.
[00:25:35] And so there's no excuse not to do it. You know, growing up for me, we didn't have any of that stuff. Unless you went to film school. You know, you didn't have access to a camera or editing equipment or lighting, but now you can shoot something on your iPhone and it can look like a big budget, Hollywood film.
[00:25:52] I would say, just do it. Do as much as you can make short films, make videos, get your stuff out there. Fine tune your [00:26:00] skills as a director or an actor or whatever it is. And just keep working at your goal and, you know, continue to try to network and there's, there's phenomenal things available, light content, the content, uh, festivals.
[00:26:13] Yes. 21 is coming. I believe they're doing one in the fall here, if they can, again. So be content 21 coming up, you know, register for that stuff. It was an amazing time for myself just to be able to network and meet all these like-minded content creators. So I would suggest doing that, you know, find Christian film festivals that you can go to and you can network and you can meet people and you can take classes and that's really the best way to do it because anything in life it's, it's who, you know, and how you know them.
[00:26:42] It's all about relationships. I think that's great. 
[00:26:45] Chester Goad: [00:26:45] I was just going to say, you know, you talked about the skill side of that and I think you're exactly right. I think you have to be doing things to get more and more experience, but I'm wondering. For you and, you know, being a CEO, being busy and you're flying back and forth and, and things like that.
[00:27:00] [00:27:00] Let's talk spiritually. How do you personally stay grounded and committed? Not only to family friendly entertainment, that to your own personal priorities to God. 
[00:27:10] Nick Shroeder: [00:27:10] Good question. I think I'm still figuring that one out though. We all are. It is tough. I'll be honest. And when I first started this and I even still, now I'm still running a construction company as well, and now I'm starting a real estate and other real estate.
[00:27:25] So it is a lot. And, um, I think it's just, it's finding those moments and guarding the time that you do have, because there's always enough time in the day. No matter what you're doing, you can find 15 minutes. You can find 20 minutes. And, uh, you know, and just get alone and, you know, be with the Lord and, and read, read scripture.
[00:27:42] And I do work very hard when I work, but then I also, when I can find time, I, you, man, I do, then I turn the phone off and to enjoy peace and quiet and being alone. And I'm an introvert by nature. So, you know, I can be very curious medic and outgoing and be around a lot of people and talk to [00:28:00] people when I have to, but then I need, I need that time to just get by myself and everything.
[00:28:05] And so. I think it's just being intentional about it, you know? And that's for everybody in life, you know, life is busy. If you, if you have a job, you have a family, it can be crazy, but you just have to be intentional about taking that time to, to decompress and get
[00:28:27] Chester Goad: [00:28:27] You have a personal scripture that really speaks to you, something you hold onto, or is it just kind of what God reveals to you at the time? 
[00:28:33] Nick Shroeder: [00:28:33] Well, I think lately, you know, with everything going on, I think it's a pretty, to me it's a pretty standard scripture, but it's one that really has meant a lot to me in the last few months.
[00:28:43] And it's just Proverbs three, five, you know, trust in the Lord with all your heart lean, not on your own understanding, acknowledge him and he'll make your path straight. It's like we were talking about earlier, you know, so much of what's going on right now. I don't understand it. You know, I just, it's not how I would do it.
[00:29:00] [00:28:59] Just trust, trust in the Lord, you know, and lean on your own understanding. And it's very hard to do a lot of times because you know, you can even feel like you're being, you know, you're not being wise. But scripture tells us that we're not always going to understand what's going on. And so when you have a bad time with the Lord, and if you have that peace, you say, Lord, I don't understand this decision.
[00:29:21] I don't know why we're doing it this way, but I trust you. And when you've got that piece, that you're doing it the right way. That's all you can do is just trust God and then, um, and watch him reveal himself in that. And 
[00:29:34] Chester Goad: [00:29:34] that's okay. Something you said earlier really, really got my attention. You were talking about, you know, when you were in Minnesota, you were doing these other jobs, um, these kind of secular jobs and.
[00:29:44] You know, you ask God and he's like, I have you where I want you right now. You're, you're where you should be. And sometimes we're, we're so worried about that. We can't have peace because we feel like we should be running about doing other things. But sometimes it's just in the waiting we're in the [00:30:00] perfect spot to be prepared.
[00:30:01] Like you had said earlier. I like that. 
[00:30:02] Nick Shroeder: [00:30:02] Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. It's the weighting that we don't like, but God's got all the time in the world. You know, he's not in a hurry. We're the ones that are in a hurry. And a lot of times it's those places. And even those valleys, you could say, where are the desert?
[00:30:16] You know, where God is wanting to teach you things. God's wanting to reveal him stuff to you. God's wanting to, you know, mature you and grow you. And if you don't allow them to do that, you could just be in the desert for a lot longer than you when you needed to be. It's very important for those times when you feel like nothing's happening, there's, God's, he's never left you.
[00:30:36] He's never forsaken you. He's with you. Hey, and he's teaching you and he's revealing himself to you in a new way every day. And so when you feel like you're in this place of. Nothing's happening, you know, I'm not making any progress, I'm not fulfilled, you know, maybe he's teaching new patients, you know, maybe he's teaching you trust, maybe you faith.
[00:30:55] So, you know, it's important just to ask God those questions as well, and be real with [00:31:00] God and say, God, what do you want me to learn? And not in a selfish way? Like, why am I here? You've got me here now, what would you like me to learn? You know, like me to do in this place. And I think that's a healthy, a healthy perspective to have.
[00:31:13] God wants you to 
[00:31:14] Jared Easley: [00:31:14] start a construction company so you can feed your family got entertainment and it doesn't kick in right away. No,
[00:31:26] Nick Shroeder: [00:31:26] go ahead. Nick. Paul was the greatest apostle who ever lived, but he, he made 10. That'd be great. You know, he's like, I'll do what I have to do. Right? 
[00:31:34] Jared Easley: [00:31:34] Yeah. Well said, so Nick, for people that want to subscribe to PAX TV or check that out, how do they do that? 
[00:31:40] Nick Shroeder: [00:31:40] Yeah, so our app is actually being built right now.
[00:31:42] And so as soon as that's finished, we're going to have a big launch of when that's going to be available. And when people can subscribe. So for now, just follow us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram. We'll keep you up to date with every, you know, everything that's going on. And, um, we're about four [00:32:00] weeks away from starting to film some of our stuff out at Capernum in Texas.
[00:32:04] So we're getting close and we're getting excited, but yeah, I would say just follow us and stay tuned for updates. That's great 
[00:32:11] Chester Goad: [00:32:11] information. And that's, right? Correct. Yep. Okay. Well, Hey Nick, uh, we really want to thank you for coming on film, fresh with us. Uh, we're excited about what you're up to, what PAX TV is up to.
[00:32:21] We're excited that you're creating content that families can enjoy together, and we want to wish you the very best and let you know that we are going to be praying for you. We'll be looking forward to more great content from you and from PAX TV. And we look forward to hearing more about what God is doing with all this new family entertainment and great content.
[00:32:39] That's going to be out there. So thank you so much for being here today. Yeah. Thank you, Nick. .