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Episode 12
September 20, 2018 Bob Spry
Welcome to Episode 12, featuring the one and only LLOYD RYAN. In a very busy career spanning many decades at the top of his game, Lloyd has worked with over 100 top-line acts from Comic Magic Maestro TOMMY COOPER to Eurovision winners THE BROTHERHOOD OF MAN. Along the way, he's appeared in many feature films, countless TV shows and played as many as 7 gigs in a day! When he's not been driving bands along (including his own Big Band), Lloyd has been a passionate teacher. So far his successful students have played on over 70 Top 10 singles between them, and counting. His book 'The complete drum tutor' has been in print since 1981, and continues to be one of the top texts on the subject. With all this going on, it's a wonder he's had any time to breathe, but at the height of UK wrestling's popularity in the 1970s, Lloyd was the spokesman and rabble-rouser for the sport's most mysterious masked man; KENDO NAGASAKI! Have a listen, as Lloyd guides us through his extraordinary life in music and mayhem! And, whatever you play, Play it with passion!
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