Raising Your Spirits

Aura Shedding Class with Meditation

December 04, 2022 Susanne Shields and Tony Gyenis Season 2 Episode 174
Raising Your Spirits
Aura Shedding Class with Meditation
Show Notes

In this podcast Tony Gyenis channels a new healing concept of shedding your aura on purpose through a message and meditation. Tony offers a message from spirit and gives a few examples and techniques on how to "shed your aura" and why it is so important to do so. Spirit addresses that men are wired differently and treat trauma by saying very little. It is a quiet battle usually.

When a man says "I'm alright" there is a good chance he is not alright. This is a great introduction to energy to help your man release part of his hurtful past. Send this class/meditation with crickets to a man you love and get him to simply listen to it a few times. 

This podcast includes a meditation containing crickets and tuning forks. Here is the direct link to the meditation only: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1648510/8881457-aura-shedding-meditation-with-crickets-and-tuning-forks.mp3?download=true

If you would like to watch the beautiful video version of the meditation only here it is: Aura Shedding Meditation with Crickets & Tuning Forks - YouTube

Please do not operate heavy machinery, drive, ride, or do activity while the podcast is on as it will alter your state in a more meditative state of receiving. This is not a background soundtrack while you are doing housework, reading, or any other activity. Get yourself in a receiving mode. Enjoy!

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