Lessons In The Ladder Days

God's Call For Repentance - Part #2

March 15, 2021 Candace Long
Lessons In The Ladder Days
God's Call For Repentance - Part #2
Show Notes

I encourage you to listen to Part #1 before listening to this episode in order to give you the full Hebrew understanding of this key period right before the Kingdom.

Many people do not have a biblical understanding of what it means to "repent."  It's not easy – but it is a spiritual discipline that is precious to God.   Psalm 51:17 says God is drawn to those who have a broken and contrite heart. 

In Part # I, I share two personal stories of repentance:  the first, dealing with anger and hurt toward God Himself; the second, repenting for ancestral sins that were showing up in my life.

In Part #2, I share how God led me to repent for racial prejudice, and what He taught me about making reparations…and finally, the tough assignment of dealing with hurt and bitterness against church leaders.

Doing T'Shuvah (biblical repentance) is a deep cleansing of the soul that is vital to this timeframe before we each are called to give account on His Day.

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