Lessons In The Ladder Days

Return of the Nephilim - Part #2

March 26, 2021 Candace Long
Lessons In The Ladder Days
Return of the Nephilim - Part #2
Show Notes

(Note: Originally released in March, 2021 - but very relevant today!)

In Return of the Nephilim, I examined the biblical foundation of what it was like "in the days of Noah," who the Nephilim were originally and how they will reappear in the final days before Messiah establishes His Kingdom.

In Part #2, I look at passages from the book of Daniel which reveal the world kingdoms from the Babylonian Empire (6th century B.C.) to the Day of the Lord, present evidence that the final kingdom is forming now, and describe ways the Nephilim are manifesting.

Finally, I expose an ancient iniquity the Nephilim caused in Noah's day which God dealt with through the Flood and how this same iniquity has returned in our generation.  Unless we repent, we could soon witness the fall of America.   

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