Lessons In The Ladder Days

The Days of Noah, Part 1 (The Backstory)

October 25, 2021 Candace Long
Lessons In The Ladder Days
The Days of Noah, Part 1 (The Backstory)
Show Notes

Jesus said in Matthew 24 and Luke 17 that "As were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man."  There are incredible lessons we can learn about the times we are living in now from learning more about the days of Noah.

In this episode we'll begin to look deeper into Noah's day.  I'll be bringing in many resources from antiquity to round out the marvelous backstory of Noah's life.   

Here are just some of the questions we are wrestling with today:  Can we know how long until the Day of the Lord?   How did Noah stand up to the evil culture he lived in?  Why were there so few who were saved from God's wrath (the Flood)?  When did Noah know when it was time to pull away?

You'll hear insights that shed light on all of these questions as we navigate this difficult part of the journey before we arrive at the Kingdom.  My goal is to help you navigate it wisely.

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The Ancient Book of Jasher
The Lost Book of Enoch
The Antiquities of the Jews - by Flavius Josephus
Letters to Aleeyah: A Personal Journey of Generational Healing - by Candace L. Long (book) This book includes a summary of our early patriarchs.
Parashat Noach with Rabbi Michael Washer, Lev Tzion Messianic Congregation - YouTube teaching from Genesis 6 - 9 "Noach and the Day of the Lord"

"The Days of Noah" (Transcripts of the 7-part series) - by Candace Long (40-page monograph)

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