Lessons In The Ladder Days

Follow The Money, Part 2 (The Elite's Plan for a Global Financial Crisis)

January 31, 2022 Candace Long
Lessons In The Ladder Days
Follow The Money, Part 2 (The Elite's Plan for a Global Financial Crisis)
Show Notes

This episode is a continuation of Part 1 which introduced the PLAYERS to take note of in the Elite-orchestrated financial crisis in the works.  In Part 2, I outline specifics of the PLAN.

I have pulled from many credible sources which are listed below for further study.  Additionally, I put all of "today's craziness" in biblical perspective by understanding the importance of the Mishpatim ("Judgments") that the Word of God gives us.  Our Father has not left us without understanding, nor without hope.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The Global 2000 Report and why it is the Elite's long-range playbook.
  • The "three horsemen of the apocalypse" they plan to release.
  • The likely technology behind the release and spread of  viruses.
  • The possible trigger that could set off a catastrophic financial crisis .
  • The  5-stage chain reaction the Elite plan to implement once the trigger occurs.
  • The 3 things you can do to protect your family in this eventuality.

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The Road To Ruin: The Global Elite's Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis - by James Rickards (book)
The Committee of 300 - by Dr. John Coleman (book)
Chaplain Lindsey Williams - YouTube videos (*His website was told to come down, according to my sources.)
What Is the Great Reset? - by Michael Rectenwald (transcript of talk delivered at Hillsdale College)

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