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Felix Cavaliere of The Rascals Then & Now, Super Julie Braun on Getting The Career & Money You Want, NHL's Gambling Problem, Gym Tips for Men, & Early Canadian Podcast Award Consideration
Felix Cavaliere of The Rascals Then & Now, Super Julie Braun on Getting The Career & Money You Want, NHL's Gambling Problem, Gym Tips for Men, & Early Canadian Podcast Award Consideration 2:49:38 Indigenous Artist-Author Saul Williams on Truth & Reconciliation, Country Music Star Robbie Harte says I Would Still Pick You, Dr. Oconnor Tells You How To Overcome Barriers and Win, & Feedspot ranks The Monthly Social Top 20 in Canada! 2:56:58 Overcoming Nice Girl Syndrome with Women's Empowerment Coach Tanna Marshall, Universal Studios Vacation Review, Flying Jet Blue from Buffalo, What About Generation Z, + Music from Aaron Leigh, Kelly Monrow, In Theory, & Corvus Lore! 2:57:54 Kinell's Chris Mclernon (Saigon Kick) Helps us Take It All, Lili Wexu Teaches us Voice Over Acting, A Car Radio Ride with Real Life Princess Maeve De Voe, Threads Threatens Twitter, & Artificial Intelligence Health Benefits 2:40:43 Lemon Cash Country with Cory & Jeff, Biohacking Your Health with Brittany, Sisi an 11 Year Old Cancer Survivor is a She-Warrior, & Canada Burns Coast To Coast! 2:45:57 John Cusimano on Fastest Land Animal & TV Cooking Star Rachael Ray, Pop Artist & Disney Actor Josh Bogert's This Is Now, Author & Speaker Lynn Rae Overcoming Bi-Polar Disorder, Depression, & It’s BBQ Time! 2:44:29 Corvus Lore's Ryan Jones Takes Us on a Romantic Traffic Ride, Kenneth Rosa Talks Father's Rights Movement & Equal Not Less Parenting, Plus a look At The Cost & Chaos of Returning To Normal & How It Impacts Mental Health, Environment, Life 2:23:42 Kelsie Kimberlin's Fruit Basket from Colombia to Ukraine, is "Peter's Corner Store" the new Vinyl Cafe?, 2023 Trends on Money, Food, Health, a True Story on "When Your Doctor Wants To Fire You", & The Coach's Call on Jonathan Drouin 2:05:23 Former LA Guns Guitarist Stacey David Blades on Crashing Wayward, Country Star GottaBe Alee Gives Love Songs, Music Therapist Jennifer Buchanan Talks Wellness Wellplayed Playlists, Katie Dauson's Virtual Sky, Plus Roller Skating & Lots of Music 2:55:18 CMAO Winner Elyse Saunders Talks Free & Famous Country Music, Cardiologist Dr. Bolad Advises Heart Health & Disease, Ski Canada CEO Paul Pinchbeck Covers the Hills, & Part II on Intact (BelAir Direct) Auto Insurance Fails 2:58:40 Music-Media Star & Best-Selling Author Amy Scruggs Makes It All Go Right, Hypnotherapist Monique Pliakos Drives Resolutions, Intact Auto Insurance Crushes Client, & 6x Billboard Charting Artist McKay says "This Ain't The End" 2:38:10 Rock Guitar Photographer & Author Lisa S Johnson Shoots Immortal Axes, Fall with Hollywood Stuntman & Author Kevin Cassidy to Find Yourself, & Jazz Robertson Collides like a Hurricane with It Ain't Me! 2:59:27 Hollywood & TV Actor Gone Music Star Kelly Monrow gives us Scars of Venus, Home Aeroponics Guru Patty Greve Cuts Food Costs, Inflation Analysis, & Auto Boss Cam Campli on Car Fixes. + A Remembrance Day Pause. 2:55:06 NHL Pro Scout Mark Osborne & Hockey Life, Salme Dahlstrom, the Wall Street dubbed Queen of Music Licensing & Billboard Artist Gets Contagious, Carol Davidson on Political Candidacy, Pay Yourself or Go Bankrupt, & PK Subban Retires! 2:54:57 Juno nominated & Reggae Icon Jay Douglas, Tattoo Talk with Jason Breau, Scientist Marc Nelson on Body Type Science & Health, Free KLS Literacy & Skills Training, & The Hybrid Work Office Dilemma 3:00:43 Aaron Rayford’s Faith Journey Across America, Author Mark Berrios-Ayala on Allyship, Janice Founk talks Circle Drumming, Rogers Network Melts Down, Exclusive Sports Content, Plus Alvarado & Hale make Starz Collide, & The Whythouse Gives Heat 2:53:24 Southern Songbird Jennifer Alvarado Talks Music, Faith, & Mental Health, Ron Butler on Mortgages & Interest Rates, We Look at Shrinkflation, The Customer Experience Journey, & NHL Stanley Cup Finals. 2:06:11 Drew Arnott & Strange Advance Return from the 80's, Paul McCarthy is the Chief Fired Officer, See Your Health Outlook, Go Stealth with VPN, & Leafs Fall in the Spring! 2:45:34 Author-Nurse Alexandra Dotcheva on Holistic Self-Confidence, Enter the Whythouse with Chris Hale, Cam's Car Maintenance Tips, Learn About Bone Conduction Hearing, Faster Home Internet, My Goose Encounter, & Did Matthews Score 50 in 50 2:50:57 Get Naked with Sarah Tolle, Go Back To The Future, Living with Poli-Medical Advice, Weather Patterns & You, Coalition Governments, Students Talk Pandemic Culture, Pinch at the Pump, and 4 Fans talk Russia & Justin Bieber 2:37:03 Canada's Co-Conspirators & The Lonesome Death of Elijah McClain, Black History Month Reflection, Occupation of Canada's Capital: Freedom & Confusion. Pet Trends & Political Alignment, & Arizona Moves Into a Barn 2:17:48 Erin Hill-Billboard Harpist, Singer, & Actor on Game of Thrones, Soaps, Chappelle, Plays for Queen Elizabeth, + 2 songs. Discover the Future of Farming, Education Inequity. Canadian Artist Kelly Besd is Dreamin', & 4 Fans Talk Sports Biggest Jerks. 2:13:24 6x Billboard Artist Franklin McKay Says Don't Forget Love, Richmond Hill Pandemic Mayor Joe DiPaola Talks Growth, Canadian Songbird Kaleigh Watts Hunts, 2022 Trends, Return To Office Dinosaurs, and 4 Fans Talk Olympics, NHL, F1, and more! 2:55:24 2021 Year In Review: A look back at Billboard Artists, Stanley Cup Champions, Indigenous Challenges, Residential School Survivors, Musicians, Composters, Coaches, Leaders, Nurses, COVID19, Disabilities, Tips, and MORE! 2:57:14 Stanley Cup Champion Ryan Walter on Leadership, Go on a Rollercoaster with Musical Guest Laura Keating, Documentarian Sam Cistaro on the Soo Greyhounds, 4 Fans Talk Leafs, Habs, Kyle Beach, & Franklin McKay shares NEW Christmas Classic song! 3:01:23