The Soulful Self Show with April Kirkwood, LPC

The Most Important Journey of your Life

April 19, 2020 April Kirkwood, M.Ed., LPC
The Soulful Self Show with April Kirkwood, LPC
The Most Important Journey of your Life
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We're all so exhausted and filled with anxiety running like rabbits trying to find ourselves.  We look for approval and joy everywhere but find nothing that lasts.  This is a new show that will help you find parts of yourself that is split off, disavowed, sundown, unwanted, cast off and exiled through the lies of our ego via our consciousness.

Join me each week to find your best friend, your soul.  It's the most important relationship you'll ever have.  

This week pray this simply powerful declaration of your willingness to find your worth.

Dear Source,
Bridge the gap between the loved I needed and the love I received.
I'm willing to see this differently.
So it is.

Much love,

April of Course

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Speaker 1:

Hello. My name is April Kirkwood. Welcome to the April Kirkwood show, a show about your soul, your journey, a journey into parts of yourself that perhaps may have been split off, disavowed, unknown, unwanted, or exiled to other worlds of your consciousness. The goal of this program is to help you with your journey, reunite with your soul. That part of ourselves that we really know very little about. We hear stories about it. We go to church, hear tales , but as a personal part of who you truly are. Sometimes it's just too much to wonder about. Now, I am not a believer that personal and spiritual growth have to take place on some mountaintop in some Holy isolation. It usually occurs in regular moments of our life. It is though a committed process that is a lifetime's journey into knowing who you are, the energy of your being, the love that you offer, why you are here. This is a deep and powerful acceleration of your own growth. This is about your relationship with your soul. You have been trapped too long. Just motivating your thoughts and your body without encompassing the core of who you are, what you are here to do, and the wisdom of knowing why each and every person is in your life. Why each and every joyful and heartbreaking situation has occurred. You know, knowing this has given my life a completely new perspective. No, I am not a pastor. I am not a guru. I am not a psychic. I am a woman who grew up with trauma, who grew up with a dysfunctional background that grew up with low self esteem. Looking outside of myself for the answers, it's taken me a long, long time of studying. Yeah, I have two masters in education, mental health. I've been an LSW. I am an LPC, but that's not really what I needed and that's not what you need. You don't need another course, another job, another house, another car, another lover. You need to know why you are where you are today. Making sense with where you've been and where you're going at this moment. Let's remember the power of breath. You know, research shows us that you can live for days or weeks without food or water, but you can only live a few minutes without breath. The CI, the core of who you are breathing out and in at will. It is energizing. It energizes your field. It protects you. So when you breathe in, your belly goes out and you can exhale out of your mouth or out of your nose. It's supposed to be enjoyable. The more you do it, the more it a habit it'll be and the greater your core energy, the fire within you that grows and grows and grows and keeps your life force strong. I hope you will join me each and every week as we talk about confidence, empowerment, getting unstuck, clarity and love and romance, comfort and joy and transformation. If you have ever any questions or something does not resonate with you, that means it's not time for you to understand this and that's okay. The beauty of the truth of the world is that you don't need a specific time. You've got eons and eons and lifetimes and lifetimes to learn the lessons. Earth is like a giant university and we all come in predestined through our parents, through a particular name, a particular culture, a particular family that we picked out that would be perfect to challenge us to be and learn what we are here to do. So this week I want you to think, why are you in the family you are in? Why are you in the culture? What lessons have you taken away from it? Do you know your soul? That's the most important relationship to ever have because when you understand your soul, you will understand everything and everyone around you. Maybe not always with joy, but with peace and a bliss that surpasses the pain and sorrow that is part of our life experience. I mean, no one ever said becoming spiritual and gaining clarity and being awake to who you truly are. A child of God here to do work, especially in this time and age. We have all selected to be here together. Let us work together. Let us bond together. So this week I want you to think about your soul. Think about who you really think you are. You know, I've looked at pictures of myself and so my girlfriends and we go, we don't look like that. No, cause you don't like that. You're much more magnificent. It's the same thing. When someone passes away, you go, I can't believe they're gone. Well that's because they're not gone. It's unfathomable for you to believe something that is a lie. You are more beautiful. You are more magnificent. You are eternal. These relationships never die. There are twin flames. There are soul mates. There are reasons you've met the person. Each week we'll be covering a different topic and I hope you will join me. My email is April. Of course, at I do answer questions and if you will allow me to answer them on the show, just say please put on show for others to share because if you have that question, maybe that is God using you as a Lightworker, a messenger because someone out there has the same question but maybe does not feel secure enough to ask it. Maybe you are asking for many. Maybe that was what you were supposed to do that specific day. We are all Lightworkers . Let us turn on the light. You have never seen two dark rooms become light, but you have seen one candle light up, a dark room, be that candle. One of my favorite quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson is what lies before us. What lies behind us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. Who are you? What does your soul tell you? Sit with your soul, sit with your suffering to end the war within yourself and your consciousness. Be friend your heartaches. Get soft around their presence and listen to what they have to say. Breathing in ground yourself. And I ground myself several times a day we're going to be talking about auras and or is , or like little cobwebs and negativity and, and um, nasty remarks and jealousy and, and sometimes people deliberately go out of their way to hurt your feelings. Those can really put holes in your aura that will in time cause you to be sick, cause you to be unwell mentally, physically, or spiritually. I ground myself whenever I feel that yucky feeling in , you know, like some people say, you don't know what a soul is. You absolutely do know because I can guarantee you, you have gone into a room or met a person and not like them, or you have gone into a room or gone to a place and met someone and perhaps fallen in love with them, immediately married them, and it lasted forever and ever, or it didn't. You know, change is the only constant. And perhaps that is what your lesson is. I wish you the very best. I wish you love stay connected with me. April and I will end rubbing my hands together, sending you vibes throughout the world's waves. We are all energy. Energy is neither created or destroyed, but only changes forms. And as we will change forms together becoming lighter and lighter and less dense. So shall we be connected. I love you. I praise you. I appreciate you. You are God's child. Great things happened to you. Nothing could stop it. And so it is take care of that soul.