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TOEFL iTP Course Debut!

May 10, 2021 Arsenio Buck Season 7
Arsenio's ESL Podcast
TOEFL iTP Course Debut!
Show Notes

It's set! For all my TOEFL iTPers out there, the Structure & Written Expression Course dates have been set!

On June 1st, the Structure course will debut, featuring EVERY single lesson needed to pass the TOEFL iTP: parallel structures, adjective clauses, noun phrases, XYZ, passive verbs, comparatives, etc.

July 1st is the Written Expression course debut.  If you're subscribed to my email marketing, you will get snippets and pre-launch deals between now and then. The course is priced at $57 per course (because it will have between 3-10 hours worth of content). They will be quite extensive with lots of work within it (and available on my Podia).

However, you can get it for $27 dollars right now between May 31st as part of the pre-launch deal!  So, in saying that, here's the podcast, follow my IG and stay tuned!

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