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Ep 29. Let's Celebrate Holiday Fashion 2022

December 07, 2022 Season 1 Episode 29
Positively Midlife Podcast
Ep 29. Let's Celebrate Holiday Fashion 2022
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This week Ellen & Tish dive into holiday fashion and share why they are so happy after two years of only small gatherings due to the pandemic to get back out and celebrate in a BIG way in 2022.  From cookie exchanges, game nights,  sporting events, and office parties you need to have something festive no matter what the occasion.  Tish prefers GLAM and Ellen prefers it California casual - they both share what they are wearing this year!

Things we talked about in this episode: Rent the Runway, Tinsel Christmas Trees, Albert Nipon, Marchesa Notte,  Golden State Warriors,  Versona, Tish's white cowboy boots, DVF, Diane Von Furstenburg, Ellen's red velvet wrap dresses, Zara  Women's Tuxedo, caramel 3D posy black floral skirt.   


Tish: Rent the Runway
Ellen: Martha Stewart's silver tinsel tree -it's a fun retro 70s tree!

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(Cont.) Ep 29. Let's Celebrate Holiday Fashion 2022