Positively Midlife Podcast

Small Habits, Big Midlife Changes: Unlocking the Power of Atomic Habits - Ep. 73

October 25, 2023 Tish & Ellen Season 2 Episode 73
Positively Midlife Podcast
Small Habits, Big Midlife Changes: Unlocking the Power of Atomic Habits - Ep. 73
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Ever felt overwhelmed by midlife changes, finding yourself in need of new habits and processes to navigate this vital phase of life? Fear not, for this episode, Ellen and Tish, embrace the wisdom bestowed upon us by the transformative book "Atomic Habits," and we're excited to impart that knowledge onto you! Although we might be a tad late to the Atomic Habits party, we dive into the essence of small, incremental changes and how these nuances can make an enormous impact on our lives as we traverse through midlife changes.

Despite some technical glitches, our conversation never loses its momentum. We delve into our personal experiences, interpretations, and revelations from this empowering book. We explore the concept of viewing midlife changes not as burdens but as platforms for self-development and evolution. This episode promises to be an enlightening journey into the depths of self-discovery, irrespective of what stage of life you're currently at. Tune in to our heart-to-heart conversation and let's discover the art of embracing change together.

Tish: Kollea Beer Chiller Sticks
Ellen: Advent Calendar for your dog

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Ellen, you know we face midlife with all these changes we have to deal with, and I feel like it's time to learn some new habits. You know we are never too old to learn something new, but the idea of learning new processes and habits, I think this is key right, and we're never too old to challenge ourselves to learn these new things. So I know we've both just finished the book Atomic Habits.


You know that's right, tish. You brought this book up a couple of weeks ago and we decided to read it together, which I have to say, was so much fun. But this is not a new book. I think we're about five or six years late to the party on Atomic Habits, but it has been really meaningful for me to learn about the power of small, incremental changes in life and stop, stop.


You're breaking up. I'm stopped. No, you're just turned to sounding digital. You know it sounded digital for a minute there, I don't know why. Yeah, let's just restart.


I don't know why I'm on the Wi-Fi here, okay.