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Mental Health Healing Through Music and Art

June 14, 2021 Calm, Cool and Connected Season 1 Episode 44
Calm, Cool and Connected - The Guide Book to Peace of Mind
Mental Health Healing Through Music and Art
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Mental Health Healing Through Music and Art 

Mental health issues are prevalent, yet there are still stigma attached to mental health problems as a whole. 

Tree of Stars is trying to change that. 

On this episode of Calm, Cool and Connected, Rachel Ann is joined by Jessica Compton- the founder of Tree of Stars. They chat about how Tree of Stars uses music and art to promote mental health awareness. 

Key Takeaways from Rachel Ann’s chat with Jessica: 

• Learn how Jessica uses art to heal
• Hear Jessica’s story, and everything she has overcome in her own life
• Walk away with advice for anyone who is going through a rough time in their own lives 
• Learn the tools she uses to reflect and to give herself peace 

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[00:00:00]Rachel Ann:  welcome to calm, cool and connected sharing. Your story can have healing properties. And I am so happy to welcome someone who has done just that. Jessica Compton, founder of tree of stars to the show today, Jessica. Welcome. It is so nice to meet you. Thanks for being here. 

Jessica: Thank you and thank you so much for having me.

It's nice to meet you too. 

Rachel Ann: Yeah, Jessica, I know that you have had quite the life experiences and from those experiences created your organization, but can you tell us a little bit about tree of stars and how it came to be. 

Jessica: Yeah. You know, I I like, like you mentioned, I had a life story of layers of trauma, but bringing me to TRIA stirs.

You know, I for about four years ago, I developed this through photography and through sharing my own personal story as a way to peer support other people as, as a message of hope. You [00:01:00] know, we've all been through any sort of struggle, but it's, it's also, you know, a part of sharing our light in different way and, and music ways, arts artsy ways, creative ways, and just coming together as a, as a positive community.

So that, that happened back in April, 2017. And it's grown ever since. 

Rachel Ann: Wow. Yeah, that's awesome. So really using the arts to heal and promote, just sharing. That's what it is that pretty accurate. 

Jessica: Yeah. I mean, I the other day I just created a link tree just because there's so many different projects that we've been involved in with a music charity album two documentaries you know, we've developed some workshops and there's so much more there.

I feel like the, the link tree is my elevator pitch, so don't want to take lots of time, but just in the last four years, just developing different remedies of, of self care and outreach. That's 

Rachel Ann: wonderful. Yes. Thank you for sharing. And Jessica, I know you mentioned also that you had had previous different traumatic experiences happen.

Would you mind sharing [00:02:00] maybe some of the things that you've overcome. 

Jessica: Yeah, absolutely. So there is a little mini blog on WordPress, but you know, and I call it the Abe blog, everything I've been through starts with a letter, a narrowing it down to abandon abducted, abused addicts ADHD, and arrested four times.

I've also kind of slid in, you know, the, the parts of you know, surviving suicide and homelessness as well. But You know, and if I were to look at the, kind of the big picture of you know, even with my suicide attempt being aged nine and being arrested for four different times, and then having to deal with that consequence even to this day, for me to cross the U S border, I need a waiver.

So I think, you know, there's my story. And then there's still. I feel like I'm still living some consequences, but how am I going to utilize, you know, my, my own journey to help others and, and give a sense of hope. 

Rachel Ann: Yeah. So really learning how to recognize maybe what those lasting consequences are, but also continue to live your life and help others.

That's [00:03:00] amazing, Jessica. So, and I did see your blog. I thought it was a wonderful. Piece of just helpful resource for folks maybe who have been through different traumas themselves. And could you share some of your favorite pieces of advice? Maybe if somebody is going through a hard time right now, or need some inspiration, what are your go tos?

Jessica: Yeah, I definitely, for me is just you know, and I work in the school board and I run wellness groups in the schools in elementary schools. And I think the one thing is just to be able to stop and breathe, but taking that, you know, and I think there's millions all over the world that say, breathe, breathe, breathe.

But I really think that, you know, Journaling breathing and journaling journaling has brought me to a point where I can also go back and reflect on, you know, those were my bad days and I got through them and now I'm here today and it doesn't necessarily always have to be a negative journal. It could just be even a five minute prompt.

And which brings us to our workshops with a bit of music. I love my guitar you know, diving into that and just utilizing it to, to [00:04:00] give myself peace. Cause I get lost in the sound and yeah. Yeah, 

Rachel Ann: it's kind of get lost in the flow of creating. And I love what you mentioned about journaling. I think it's so powerful.

And even sometimes maybe journaling wins. I think sometimes people lose sight of the positive things and the accomplishment. So, always important. So, Jessica, do you have maybe some final thoughts or even things that you were able to utilize in terms of mindset or thinking. Through your own previous traumatic experiences that you would like to share?

Jessica: Yeah, I don't think there's, you know, anything wrong with you know, medication or continuous therapy, but also looking at what everyone else is utilizing as a self-care mindful practice. If that's hugging a tree or putting a canvas up against a tree and just splatting some paints and Getting lost with the sounds of birds or just really, really digging deep.

And if you look on my YouTube, [00:05:00] I posted my very first video four years ago of really digging deep inside on, on what your passion is and what your purpose is, and to show it to Jay Shetty for helping me out with that. What if it a positive books? 

Rachel Ann: Yeah. So really finding a strategy that works for you and using it, making it a point to implement it.

Definitely. So Jessica, where can people potentially find you learn more about tree of stars and get involved? 

Jessica: Yeah. So, like I said, I created a link tree so that I'm not all over the place and I don't feel like things are scattered. And you know, like I said, with the 32nd elevator pitch, but I think that you know, there's all of those services and resources in the link tree, but find me on every platform, TRIA stars, except for on Instagram, it's TriCasters on tour because I'm all over the place.

Rachel Ann: I love that. Well, I appreciate the work that you're doing. Thank you so much for coming on, being vulnerable, sharing what you've overcome. I think it's a really great symbol of hope that people can get through their hardships. So thank you. 

Jessica: Thank you. And thank you for, for this [00:06:00] amazing platform as well.

Rachel Ann: Jessica, our pleasure. Thanks. And we'll keep in touch for everyone tuning in, whether you're watching or listening. We hope you've enjoyed the show today, and don't forget to rate and review, subscribe to our podcasts that you can catch each new episode that comes out as always. We'll see you next time here at calm.

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