Motivation without the Hype

Mark Dombkins: Creating Impact Partnerships Rooted in Empathy & Generosity

December 02, 2022 Gez Perez Episode 111
Motivation without the Hype
Mark Dombkins: Creating Impact Partnerships Rooted in Empathy & Generosity
Show Notes

In today's episode, you will discover key insights:

  •  Forever Projects – How it all started
  • Mission and Vision of their advocacy
  • Story on how to overcome obstacles
  • How to create high impact partnerships

Mark is the founder of Forever Projects - a not-for-profit that helps women break the cycle of poverty and create a self-sustaining future. The Forever Projects community currently raises funds for local teams in Tanzania, who empower women in some of the world's most challenging circumstances to live with dignity and hope.

In 2010, Mark and his wife Anna moved their four and one-year-old to Tanzania, where they lived on the southern slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro until 2013. The couple have a background in education, and they both worked at International School Moshi - Mark teaching maths and Anna serving as a school counsellor and boarding parent.

During their years working there, they fostered and eventually adopted three more
beautiful children, who had no other option for a family of their own. Soon after their fostering process began, the organisation Mark and Anna adopted through began piloting an innovative 12-month project that would reach women before crisis point, helping them break the cycle of poverty to create a self-sustaining future.

Since moving home to Australia in 2013, Mark and Anna founded a not-for-profit, Forever Projects, to raise funds and awareness for this remarkable project as it scales. The FP community has made this story their own, and the funds raised have helped more than 1,300 women and 1,700 infants across 6 locations in Tanzania.

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