Motivation without the Hype

Michael Schill: Why Motivation Alone is Not Enough?

March 30, 2023 Gez Perez Season 3 Episode 2
Motivation without the Hype
Michael Schill: Why Motivation Alone is Not Enough?
Show Notes

In today's episode, you will discover key insights:

  • Personal journey in entrepreneurship
  • Key traits that paved a way to succeed on business revenue growth
  • Why motivation alone is not enough
  • Importance of Discipline and Purpose

Michael Schill is a 21st century entrepreneur who has managed to marry skill sets in business, music, fashion, and professional sports into a one-stop tour deforce brand name. Under the tutelage of New York Times Bestselling author and Real Estate mogul Grant Cardone, Michael has earned an Ivy League levelof schooling in the Public Relations game from a ground zero perspective. Leveraging his credibility in a multitude of verticals, Michael has been able to demonstrate sustained production and mastery of SAAS Sales over a host of platforms using BI Visualization & Data Analysis all while spearheading the nations premier Sales Team.

Working hand in hand with C-Level Executives and Stakeholders Michael has proven track record of implementing and executing big-business initiatives that have been able to drive consistent growth in revenue over a large sample size. In a 4 year time span Mike Schill has been responsible for generating over 30 million in sales.

Mike Schill is the CEO of Full Circle Agency - Miami's Fastest Growing Marketing and Advertising Company specializing in Social Media Management, Marketing Strategy, Website Development, Paid Media, and Automation. Michael holds a BA in Exercise Science from Florida State University where he had the privilege of playing

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