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Bjork's Post / Leon The Profesional / Fuggles and Warlock and Parallel 49 Brewing
May 01, 2018 Mickey Mcleod / Tristan Young
In this episode we try our hands at a brew from Fuggles & Warlock as well as beauty of a rarity from Parallel 49. Mick and Tristan take a deep dive into the seminal 1995 Bjork album Post. Learn about the collection of producers she cultivated for it, why it's called 'Post' and the funny little connection the album has with Led Zeplin. Elsewhere we take a turn towards the 1994 film Leon The Professional and try to see what has and has't aged well in the film. We also chat about recent gems from Mac DeMarco, Saba, Kali Uchis, and Twin Shadow. Tristan crashes and burns hard on Mick's three questions this round. Forgiveness please. Check out all the music featured in this episode, and every episode on our Apple Music playlist and go buy the music! For more from BORP (cool acronym?) subscribe to our Facebook page Beats on Repeat Pod and follow us on Instagram at beatsonrepeatpod. Thanks mates!
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