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Jamie Mah! / Best Concert Experiences / Off the Rail and Postmark Brewing
May 31, 2018 Mickey Mcleod / Tristan Young / Jamie Mah
In this episode we welcome fellow music super fan and podcaster Jamie Mah to chat about some of our favorite concert experiences as well as some new music we're in to. Beers were by Off the Rail, Postmark and Strange Fellows as well as a hazy little IPA from Field house that got us started. Tristan surprises Mick with some dope records from the legendary Amoeba Records in L.A and the podcast 4th wall is was a sweaty one! Check out all the music featured in this episode, and every episode on our Apple Music playlist and go buy the music! For more from BORP (cool acronym?) subscribe to our Facebook page Beats on Repeat Pod and follow us on Instagram at beatsonrepeatpod. Thanks mates!
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