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The Organ's Grab That Gun / Eagle vs Shark / Unibroue and Strathcona Brewing
August 14, 2018 Mickey Mcleod / Tristan Young
In this episode we crack open a classic by Unibroue, the Blanche De Chambly and try out an old fashion bourbon ale from Strathcona Brewing. Our album introspective is the brooding, disaffected, and deeply nocturnal release from Vancouver locals, The Organ, called Grab That Gun. Its a record Tristan has loved for years but the first time listening for Mick. Our film pick this week is one of Mick's favourites, the cringe worthy awkward rom com Eagle Vs Shark. New and noteworthy music from Mr Twin Sister, Cigarettes After Sex, Denzel Curry, and Daniel Caesar. Mick tries out his New Zealand accent (it's pretty good!) and Tristan laments that young millennials have all the best words. All of our featured music from the episode is up on our Apple Music playlist. For more content from the show check out our Instagram and Facebook. Don't forget to like and subscribe on iTunes, thanks mates!
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