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Tame Impala's Currents / Punch Drunk Love / Main Street and Four Winds Brewing
September 12, 2018 Mickey Mcleod / Tristan Young
In this episode we assault your senses just a little right off the bat with the incendiary and manic track 'Ain't It Funny' By Danny Brown. If you can make it through that we've got a heck of a show for you. As we say goodbye to summer we sneak a couple more sours in. We try a real gem from Main Street Brewing and a gorgeous rarity from Four Winds. Our album introspective is the stunningly ambitious synth rock epic Currents by Tame Impala. We asses how the P.T. Anderson classic Punch Drunk Love represents mental illness, social anxiety, and modern romance. Also, there's pudding! Tristan pulls hard for UK music this time around with new music from Tirzah and Disclosure. Mick throws out some love for Canadian artists Chad VanGaalen and Adam Robert Thomas. Find all of the tracks we feature on our EP 13 playlist on Apple Music. As always find more content form the show on instagram and facebook, and don't forget to subscribe on iTunes. Fun fact- the show is far more enjoyable if you drink a beer while you listen. Give it a try. Not if you're driving! Thanks mates!
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