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Portishead's Portishead / Edge of Tomorrow / Beau's and Backcountry Brewing
September 26, 2018 Mickey Mcleod / Tristan Young

In this episode Tristan is still very much in recovery mode from a weekend of Westward Festival. He's a frail shell of himself- even more than usual. Meanwhile Mick is almost completely off the sauce to the point were even looking at a beer gets him slightly buzzed. So sure lets try some brews this should go well. We check out Back Country Brewing from Squamish and head all the way to Ontario to try Beau's Brewery. Our album introspective is the scathing and sinister trip hop noir self titled album Portishead. In it we examine the themes of how consumerism and capitalism can pervert the nature of art. And speaking of consumerism, Tristan made Mick watch a Tom Cruise movie! We watched the time looping 2014 flick Edge Of Tomorrow and did not hate it. New and noteworthy music from Com Truise (not a typo), Yves Tumor (still spelling it right), Blood Orange and Cloud Nothings. Check out our playlist for all featured tracks on Apple Music and subscribe on iTunes. For more form the show follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Have a great day!

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