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The Mary Onette's Self Titled / Girl With The Dragon Tattoo / Phillips Brewing
October 22, 2018 Mickey Mcleod / Tristan Young

In this episode Mick and Tristan face the debilitating realization that summer is long gone and we will soon have to start drinking IPAs and Stouts- But First! We try a refreshing ginger beer from our pals at Phillips Brewing. Our album introspective is the precision based new wave amalgam from Swedish indie rockers The Mary Onettes. Listen along as the give us a glimpse into the brighter and popper side of Sweden. That all ends real quick when we explore the dark and debilitating underbelly of Sweden with dense and traumatic 2011 remake of The Girl With Dragon Tattoo. Anyone that's seen the film will understand that things get... awkward. New and noteworthy music from The Marias, Fucked Up (guard your ears), Aeroplane, and Jesse Ware. Mick brings up Phil Collins twice- TWICE!- and Tristan crashes and burns real hard on the three questions this week. Check out all the tracks we feature on our Apple Music playlist. Don't forget to like and Subscribe on iTunes. For more content from the show follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Thanks doggos!

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