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Las Kellies's Friends And Lovers / The Virgin Suicides / Field House Brewing
December 19, 2018 Mickey Mcleod / Tristan Young / Kasha Toolsee

In this episode we mix things up a little with a guest co host. Hearing Tristan and Mick drone on and on can get a bit stale so friend of the show Kasha Toolsee swings by the studio to teach the boys a thing or two about music and film. Kasha is local Van City DJ and works in film so she know's her stuff. To mark the occasion we have not one, not three, but two beers from Field House Brewing. Our album pick is the 2016 release Friends and Lovers by Argentinian psych punk pop rockers Las Kellies. For our film introspective we examine the 1999 directorial debut from Sofia Coppola- The Virgin Suicides. Thank goodness Kasha was there to help Tristan and Mick navigate this one as- just at the movie implies- sometimes boys are just ill equipped to figure certain things out. New and Noteworthy music from Kaytranada, Grimes, and Ian Sweet. Check out our playlist of all the tracks we feature on the episode on our Apple Music profile. for more content from the show find us on Instagram and Facebook. Don't forget to subscribe and rate us on iTunes. Happy listening!

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