Phoenix Rising with Melissa K. Range

Episode 28: Rise from the Ashes with Lisa Grezlak

October 01, 2021 Socialminded Media Group Season 1 Episode 28
Phoenix Rising with Melissa K. Range
Episode 28: Rise from the Ashes with Lisa Grezlak
Show Notes

On this episode I have the pleasure of speaking with Lisa, a sound healing practitioner, who was referred to me by a mutual client. We had so much to talk about I feel like this interview could have gone on for days! Listen as she describes her journey of leaving a corporate life behind to delve into something completely new after having her own defining experience with sound healing. I love how she stepped into this "on accident" only to now be helping people with their own healing! My daughter and I shared our own experience with her a few weeks ago and I know the healing for both of us with continue as we move into 5D. 
For more info on how to connect with Lisa check out the link below. 

I am a healer, advocate, teacher and creator. I created SVOUND to promote the incredible healing Sound Vibration offers to provide RESTORATION and CALM for those struggling with any form of dis-ease in their lives. Our minds and bodies are meant to be in a state of total wellness. But in today's world, there is so much going against the balancing of our energy systems and people are suffering tremendously.

From an early age, I suffered with severe levels of anxiety and depression. As life progressed PTSD popped up, and a host of other emotional and physical issues. that were managed through medication and 'hiding'. 
While visiting Sedona, AZ in 2016, I got an 'accidental' sound massage (as I thought I was getting a standard body massage). and that session changed my life forever. Today I am free from the physical and mental pain I lived with my entire life by incorporating sound vibration healing regularly.  A whole new world of understanding ME has opened up and I can say that I have reclaimed the most important aspects of myself I never knew, and with gained healing.

Today, I am a Certified Sound Vibrational Practitioner, Trainer, Advocate, Transformation Mentor, and Retreat Facilitator offering Sound Vibration / Energy work and Education to individuals, groups, companies, and more.

My vision is to be a leading advocate to support the emerging evidence that "The Future of Medicine is Sound Vibration."

Transformational Sound Vibration Healing
Group Soundbaths & Individual Sound Vibration Therapy (with Reiki)
Certified - Insured
• Individual Sessions
• Couples Sessions
• Private Soundbaths for Small & Large Groups
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• Sound Therapy Trainings

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