Things I Am Not

Way To Becoming

May 10, 2021 LegalAliens Theatre Season 1 Episode 10
Things I Am Not
Way To Becoming
Show Notes

“When a Black African migrant woman is in a relationship with a white man, the organ on her body that society gives its highest attention to is her vagina. On the one hand, everytime me and my 'white lover' make love, I am not me and he is not him. I am Africa allowing itself to be taken by settler Europe.”

Rich, complex and fearless, “Way To Becoming” by Sabrina Richmond deals with the black woman’s body as a site of pleasure and contestation. Charting the journey - physical, professional and personal - of a life lived in many countries and their attendant assumptions, Sabrina’s perceptive and deeply human work is an embodied investigation of what we lose, what we bring with us and how important it is to keep asserting - and embracing - the many things we are, not just for ourselves, but for the societies in which we live. 

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Written and performed by: Sabrina Richmond
Producing Artistic Director: Lara Parmiani
Concept: Emmanuela Lia
Director: Becka McFadden
Visual Art: Laura Rouzet
Website design: Daiva Dominyka
Social media: Catharina Conte
Original Music: Angelina Rud & Martin Bakero