The Self Help Antidote

7 Steps to Flawless Communication

December 14, 2021 Bobby Cappuccio Episode 46
The Self Help Antidote
7 Steps to Flawless Communication
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How well do you communicate?  

As a presenter, one of the most common questions I am asked is some version of “what is the one thing…?"  Whether it’s the one book I should read, the one course I should take or the one skill that I can develop in order to…

Most things have too much complexity to be diluted down to one critical success factor.  However, when pressed for an answer, I feel confident that it arguably comes down to communication.  

The quality of our relationships, performance, work, and every aspect of our lives is dependent upon the quality of our communication.  The thing is, communication is not just about how we connect with others, but how well do we communicate with ourselves?  Communication starts with us.  Do we have self-awareness?  Do we know our unique areas of ability?  Do we trust ourselves? As my quest for this episode puts it “When you’re operating from the space of being truly connected, your communication can only be flawless.”

Kass Thomas is an internationally sought-after Transformation Coach whose clientele extends throughout the world, including India, France, Italy, Switzerland, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Croatia, Indonesia, China, Japan, Morocco, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, the United States, Brazil, South Africa, Canada, UAE and Estonia.

She has facilitated over 1000 classes and assisted over 10,000 people, of which include Madonna, Ray Charles, Denzel Washington, Whoopi Goldberg, Michelle Pfeiffer, Miles Davis and Morgan Freeman, who was the best man at her first wedding.

Drawing on her extensive experience in the hospitality industry at 5-star properties (she won concierge of the year from Where magazine in New York, which I think is brilliant) to managing Off-Broadway theatre productions in the start of her career in New York; to starting her own production company in Italy to finally finding her calling as an empowerment and transformation coach; she shares with us 7 steps to communicating flawlessly.  Being flawless is not about being perfect, but about being present, connected and creating magic within an interpersonal dynamic.  In this episode Kass shares with us how to expand our possibilities by being flawless in our communication, and consequently being flawless in our work and lives.  

For more information on Kass Thomas, or to find her books, 7 Steps to Flawless Communication and Dancing with Riches, visit: 

Kass is brilliant, intuitive, and charismatic.  I completely enjoyed speaking with her and I think you will as well.  Enjoy!  

In this episode we discuss:

·        Performing arts shaping your career

·        Creativity

·        Married to a theatre director

·        Undergrad degree in journalism

·        The hospitality industry

·        Always engaging people in the arts

·        Bias towards the hospitality industry as critical lessons in business and life

·        The definition of creativity

·        Being present and creation on demand

·        The experience you think someone wants to have vs. what they choose 

·        The realm of possibility 

·        Co-creation 

·        Nobody does you, like you

·        Each of us approaches life in a different way

·        You can be in combination with other people and create 

·        What is flawless communication? 

·        You cannot be connected to others without being connected to yourself

·        What gets in the way? 

·        People are so connected with themselves when they’re not the target

·        Your communication always starts with you

The 7 steps

·        Step 1: What is my unique magic?

·        Step 2: Talk to your body

·        Step 3: Lower your barriers

·        Step 4: Go beyond the veil

·        Step 5: Reconnecting

·        Step 6: Expand your zone

·        Step 7: Establishing true connection

·        If we have the same home, then we’re connected

·        When you’re operating from the space of being truly connected, your communication can           only be flawless

·        Dancing with riches

·        7 Steps to Flawless Communication