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Friday Fix - Why do prospects ask for proposals?

May 21, 2021 Ian & Tracey Episode 12
In Business Talks2 Podcast
Friday Fix - Why do prospects ask for proposals?
Show Notes

This is our bonus episode, where we speak to one of our In Business networking members or another business owner on a particular subject in their area of expertise. Each week we ask our expert to focus on a particular topic, giving us their thoughts, ideas, tips and advice.
 This week we have Simon Darlaston of Sandler Training.

Sandler Training is the world leader in Sales Mastery. At it's simplest we work with business's to help them develop a way of selling that delivers results regardless of the state of the economy, inevitable team turnover, or time of year.

Typically, we engage with business, MD's and CEO's. They already have a good business, and are looking to go from good to great. In their mission to grow, they are having a few sales challenges which are preventing them from getting to the level they aspire to.

What you will learn today is Simon's thoughts and tips on the following:

  • Salesperson, buyer and client relationships
  • Setting the expectations
  • Having an agenda for a meeting, that's client focussed
  • Suggestions of what to say at the start of a meeting
  • Simon's top tip on networking.

And much more besides.
 You can connect with  Simon on  LinkedIn , or via his website  or follow him on twitter. I'm sure he'd love to hear from you.

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