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Friday Fix - Creating a Manageable Plan for Your Social Media

May 28, 2021 Ian & Tracey Episode 13
In Business Talks2 Podcast
Friday Fix - Creating a Manageable Plan for Your Social Media
Show Notes

This is our bonus episode, where we speak to one of our In Business networking members or another business owner on a particular subject in their area of expertise. Each week we ask our expert to focus on a particular topic, giving us their thoughts, ideas, tips and advice.
This week we have Lisa East of The Thinking Cap.

If you're a busy Managing Director / Marketing Director then you'll know all about the importance of social media within your business marketing strategy, but you just don't have the time to create meaningful content and stay relevant whilst staying ahead?

Get in touch with Lisa to see how together you can engage with your community, create meaningful connections, stay relevant and stay ahead.

Lisa can help in two ways with this;-

1. By planning your content and managing your socials for you, or
2. By setting up a bespoke training package and providing online tuition and support so you can manage your socials in-house.

What you will learn today are Lisa's thoughts and tips on the following:

  • Creating a Plan and being prepared
  • Plan time ahead
  • looking at what's worked previously
  • The different types of post
  • Lisa's networking tip

And much more besides.
You can connect with Lisa as follows to find out more:-
Masterclass registration page:
I'm sure she'd love to connect with you.

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