In Business Talks2 Podcast

Friday Fix - ''90 Days To Your Success!''

June 11, 2021 Ian & Tracey Episode 15
In Business Talks2 Podcast
Friday Fix - ''90 Days To Your Success!''
Show Notes

This is our bonus episode, where we speak to one of our In Business networking members or another business owner on a particular subject in their area of expertise. Each week we ask our expert to focus on a particular topic, giving us their thoughts, ideas, tips and advice.

This week we have our very own Tracey and Ian Earl, of In Business, a networking and business support community, discussing their thoughts and a few tips on goals and goal setting.

What you will learn today is their thoughts on:-

  • Why 90 Days?
  • Setting S.M.A.R.T goals
  • Action is the key
  • 90 Days as building blocks
  • Accountability

And more besides.

You can connect with Ian or Tracey on LinkedIn, or via the In Business website below. They'd love to connect with you and find out more about you and your business.

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