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Friday Fix - The Difference Between Growth and Expansion - Ep28

November 05, 2021 Ian & Tracey Episode 28
In Business Talks2 Podcast
Friday Fix - The Difference Between Growth and Expansion - Ep28
Show Notes

This is our bonus episode, where we speak to one of our In Business networking members or another business owner on a particular subject in their area of expertise. Each week we ask our expert to focus on a particular topic, giving us their thoughts, ideas, tips and advice.
This week we have Mark Jarvis – Business Mentor, Mark Jarvis Academy for Scaling Businesses

Mark is a specialist in helping people to grow and businesses to scale.

He works with owners, partners, managers, leaders and teams so they can communicate more effectively internally and externally, focus on growth and bring clarity to their vision by helping them to work only on the right things and with the right people at the right time.

Mark believes that every person, business and organisation has the potential to grow beyond their current limitations by surrounding themselves with the right people and investing in the right knowledge. His mission is to teach, coach and mentor another 1000 people and businesses by bringing clarity to their vision, reality to their goals and momentum to their plans.

What you will learn today are  Mark's thoughts on the difference between business growth and expansion, and much more besides.

You can connect with Mark  on LinkedIn via his website, or why not book a call with him.  I'm sure he'd love to connect with you.

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