The Local Lens

Connection Point with Wendy Anderson

May 11, 2022 The Local Lens Season 3 Episode 17
The Local Lens
Connection Point with Wendy Anderson
Show Notes

The Local Lens is a public health podcast going inside one community's experience with the drug epidemic. Everyone in the town of Stanton, KY sees this drug issue differently from each other, either because of their personal lives or professional roles. This show aims to showcase those different perspectives by having honest, in-depth interviews.

In nearly every business, people are the most valuable assets of the company. Having the right person in the right role is essential to success, no matter what you're trying to do. In this episode, we're interviewing someone who is undoubtably in the right role.

Wendy Anderson is a Peer Support Specialist for S.P.A.R.K. Ministries in Stanton, KY. She spends a couple days a week helping at the Syringe Exchange Program, meeting with people who are actively using drugs and showing them alternatives.

We're talking about the connection point that the Syringe Exchange provides. We're talking about the importance of a kind person. We're talking about giving people the option of turning their lives around.

These are our people, using our voices, telling our stories, because no one sees it like we do.

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