The Local Lens

In the Jailhouse Now - Neal Hamilton and David Howard from the Powell County Detention Center

June 08, 2022 The Local Lens Season 3 Episode 21
The Local Lens
In the Jailhouse Now - Neal Hamilton and David Howard from the Powell County Detention Center
Show Notes

The Local Lens is a public health podcast going inside one community's experience with the drug epidemic. Everyone in the town of Stanton, KY sees this drug issue differently from each other, either because of their personal lives or professional roles. This show aims to showcase those different perspectives by having honest, in-depth interviews.

The Powell County Detention Center is the home of many bad memories for many people. In these walls, people often experience the lowest nights and months of their lives. This is the setting of misery, of desperation. People are aware of this, too. The workers know that jail is no way to get to the root of problems.

What is needed to improve this jail experience? What would help us turn corners and make improvements? According to Neal Hamilton and David Howard, the Chief Deputy of the jail and the program director of our Substance Abuse Program, we have an incredible shortage of services.

In this episode, we are going in the jailhouse to see what the struggles and limitations of the jail are. It seems like the people want to be doing more to help the inmates, but their hands are often tied and overburdened.

It feels like this is the final net public services can use before people fall through the cracks. Hopefully, this episode doesn't come across as anything other than informative. The issues talked about here are much larger and more complicated than any single individual can change. If we want to improve this situation, we have to work together.

These are our people, using our voices, telling our stories, because no one sees it like we do.

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