The Local Lens

Sheila and Jimmie Wise - A Wise Couple

August 04, 2021 The Local Lens Season 2 Episode 9
The Local Lens
Sheila and Jimmie Wise - A Wise Couple
Show Notes

The Local Lens is a public health podcast going inside one community's experience with the drug epidemic. Everyone in the town of Stanton, KY sees this drug issue differently from each other, either because of their personal lives or professional roles. This show aims to showcase those different perspectives by having honest, in-depth interviews.

Sheila and Jimmie Wise offer an incredible perspective as a married couple. They claim that they eat, breathe and sleep EMS, which means they deal with the drug epidemic around the clock and calendar.

The three of us go into some of thee harder aspects of the public service, and point out some of the shortfalls of existing programs like the Syringe Exchange and the availability of Narcan. In a sentence, our point is that these are not the final step, but they are an important part of the puzzle.

Their lives revolve around serving their community to the best of their ability. The stakes are high in their line of work, so I believe it's safe to assume they take this seriously and have given it some thought.

These are our people, using our voices, telling our stories, because no one sees it like we do.

Jimmie Wise has actually recorded another episode with us, which you can listen to with this link.

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