The Local Lens

Some Challenges of Rural EMS - Shauna Staton

December 08, 2021 The Local Lens Season 3 Episode 2
The Local Lens
Some Challenges of Rural EMS - Shauna Staton
Show Notes

The Local Lens is a public health podcast going inside one community's experience with the drug epidemic. Everyone in the town of Stanton, KY sees this drug issue differently from each other, either because of their personal lives or professional roles. This show aims to showcase those different perspectives by having honest, in-depth interviews.

Shauna Staton has been working in the region as a first responder for 18 years, starting as a firefighter, then with the EMS, and now adding dispatching to the list. Stints spent working in this field rarely exceed 5 years, so she has pulled plenty of lessons from her 15 years.

In the interview, we uncover some crossover between addiction and EMS work: mental health. We talk about how untreated mental health issues can lead to much worse problems down the road.

These are our people, using our voices, telling our stories, because no one sees it like we do.

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