Conversations with Kenyatta

A Conversation with Dr. Malcolm Wardlaw

November 09, 2021 Kenyatta D. Berry Season 1 Episode 17
Conversations with Kenyatta
A Conversation with Dr. Malcolm Wardlaw
Show Notes

This week, Kenyatta D. Berry is joined by Dr. Malcolm Wardlaw, from the University of Georgia.

Dr. Wardlaw has been working closely with colleague Virginia Traweek in researching the Freedman's Savings Bank and Trust Company. Their work has been substantial to the genealogy community in that they have helped revitalize critical records, as well as looking into why this bank failed, and what that means for the descendants of those who used it. The bank itself was meant for those who had been recently enslaved to hold savings accounts and establish banking practices.

This project is pivotal in finding out more about how financial records can help your genealogy work, even if not involved with the Freedman's Savings Bank,  as well as helps shine a light on the stories of those who lost money in the bank, and how famous Americans helped contribute to trying to save it.

More information about the project can be found at this link, and you can find out more about Dr. Wardlaw on his website, and his associate Virginia Traweek, by clicking here

The music for this podcast, as always, is "Good Vibe," by Ketsa.

The music for this episode, as always, is "Good Vibe" by Ketsa.

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