The River Church of the South Bay


February 21, 2021 Todd Wendorff
The River Church of the South Bay
Show Notes

Grace is the unfettered love of God that is available to all. It says, "You are forgiven, you are loved, you are important to me.” It seasons life in a way that brings out the true flavor of what God has for our delight. Without it, we are held in bondage to retribution, retaliation, and unforgiveness. Without it we would live in a world where you get what you deserve, only that what is earned. The interesting thing about grace is no one deserves grace, but God freely bestows it on us all because of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

View the worksheet on Grace, written by Janie Calvert, here.

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  • Download and enjoy the beautiful Christ-focused Soulspace app, providing daily, 4-6 minute mindful meditations. It will anchor your thoughts to the love of God. Check it out at, or on your App Store.
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