The River Church of the South Bay


April 18, 2021 April Thille
The River Church of the South Bay
Show Notes

Generosity is much more, but not less, than giving of your money and resources. Generosity is regarded as a virtue. Furthermore, we resemble God in His goodness when we are generous. If you desire to grow in generosity, you can learn more about the Biblical meaning of generosity through this podcast and the additional resources and curriculum provided here.

View the worksheet on Generosity, written by April Thille, here.

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  • "Gospel Patrons" by Jon Reinhart
  • The Bible Project: Generosity - 5min video
  • Why It's Genius to be Generous, audio by Chip Ingram: on YouTube
  • "The Generosity Factor: Discover the Joy of Giving Your
    Time, Talent, and Treasure" by Ken Blanchard PDF