Quantum Corner

#2 | Elaine Marie and The Wild Woman Project

March 09, 2021 Cottonwood / Elaine Marie Guest Episode 2
Quantum Corner
#2 | Elaine Marie and The Wild Woman Project
Show Notes

Today's guest, Elaine Marie, shares her experience as a facilitator with The Wild Woman Project.  The Wild Woman Project was founded by Chris Maddox.  www.thewildwomanproject.com

Elaine also references Clarissa Pinkola Estes' book "Women Who Run with the Wolves." 

The topic of the day is The Power of the Word.  Elaine and Cottonwood share a brief overview of what this means to each of them. 

Raintree begins her storytelling journey after meeting a kindred soul.  Raintree shares how The Earth's Breath met her while on a gentle walk.

Note:  Squeaky (Cottonwood's cat) decided to make an appearance and stopped in to say hello.  You'll catch her plurping towards the end.  Also, there is a whisping sound in some sections of the interview.  Apologies.

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