Quantum Corner

#18 | Community Spotlight - Peter Clark Nelson

June 07, 2021 Cottonwood Stone / Peter Clark Nelson Episode 18
Quantum Corner
#18 | Community Spotlight - Peter Clark Nelson
Show Notes

Peter Clark Nelson is a multi-dimensional ambassador of unity consciousness and the visionary founder behind New Earth Media. His sacred work focuses on the evolution of human consciousness through the embodiment of the three pillars of unity consciousness:  self-love, self empowerment, and self-governance.

In this engaging, heart-expansive, and mind-bending episode, Peter Clark Nelson will share insights, timely guidance, and practical advice on how to rewrite the antiquated code that governs our daily actions and creative endeavors. From there, he will share how creative visionaries can confidently and joyously be seen, heard, felt, and valued as New Earth Leaders.

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