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#154 Normal is Boring with Kristi Brewer: Autism Mom, Weightlifter, & Advocate

May 26, 2021 Rachel Harrington, COTA/L, AC & Jessica Hill, COTA/L Episode 154
All Things Sensory by Harkla
#154 Normal is Boring with Kristi Brewer: Autism Mom, Weightlifter, & Advocate
Show Notes

There is still so much to learn and share in the world of autism, parenting, and just pushing forward the conversation around difference. 

We are happy to welcome Kristi Brewer today, who is very difficult to put into a box! 

She is a mother to two daughters, weightlifter, CPA, business-owner, and all-around powerhouse for positive progress. Kristi admits when her second daughter was diagnosed with Autism she felt very overwhelmed and scared due to her ignorance on the subject. 

Kristi explains how a whole new world of appreciation opened up for her, and why she is so grateful for this unexpected path. 

We talk about the way we describe Autism, sensitivity to language, and supporting genuine curiosity for the subject. Kristi explains the positive impact of her daughter Kale'a's diagnosis, and how it made it more manageable. 

We also discuss some personal practices in Kristi's home, how they approach activities and furniture, and the important balance needed in order meet her eldest daughter's needs too. 

Kristi shares some of her interesting life philosophy with us around routine, priorities, and much more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Kristi's background and the amazingly different chapters of her life and what she does.  
  • Thoughts on the different ways to denote autism and the conversation around language. 
  • The journey of raising a child with autism and how this compares with Kristi's older daughter. 
  • Kale’a’s diagnosis at age two, and Kristi's feelings of fear during this process.
  • How Kristi gained a new perspective and appreciation for a different life path of parenting.
  • The important conversations that need to happen in order to spread awareness about difference. 
  • Ways of communicating with children; Kristi shares her thoughts on better parenting habits. 
  • The sensory-focused items that are in Kristi's home right now - swings, trampolines, and gym mats. 
  • The relationship between siblings and the challenges that Kristi and her family have faced. 
  • The story behind Kristi's company, Auya, and their message and mission!  
  • Kristi's belief in kindness and confidence; making the world a better place with more acceptance.  
  • An amazing piece of advice from Kristi regarding pursuing your dreams.  

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