Kaplan Community Podcast
S3 E7 Frida Percival and Laura Garcia on Australian Work Culture
S3 E7 Frida Percival and Laura Garcia on Australian Work Culture 30:36 S3 E6 Sowon Lee on The Power of Networking 28:15 S3 E5 Kerri Watton on Internships and Career Advancement 32:07 S3 E4 Kasia Wojtaszek on Interview Skills 33:59 S3 E3 Kimberly Goh on Resume Writing 23:44 S3 E2 Ramya Sivakumar Bala on LinkedIn and Personal Branding 37:09 S3 E1 Debbie Fayers on The Recruitment Process 31:59 Ben Dunk, conversations with an Australian professional cricketer 48:28 S2 Ep 9 Rafael Alves, building communities for international students 30:45 S2 Ep 8 John Kolotas, relationships and wellbeing 29:54 S2 Ep 7 Adam Murphy and mindful leadership 32:14 S2 E6 Vanessa Stafford and teaching & learning 28:35 S2 E5 Will James and career wellbeing 37:47 S2 E4 James Adonopoulos and academic wellbeing 50:30 S2 E3 Alex Reeman-Clark on Student Experience Wellbeing 31:35 S2 E2 Andy Garnam on Organisational Wellbeing 30:07 S2 E1 Looking back at Season 1 - ahead to Season 2! 32:40 Accounting, CPA recognition and professional development with Julian Rossolin 34:40 High-tech start-ups and program management with Vamshi Krishna Grandhe 29:02 FINTEC, product intelligence and careers with Juan Pablo Giraudo 30:33 Product Management in telecommunications with Grace Jimenez 25:59 Mortgage broking, job search strategies, and lifelong learning with Mia Du 31:01 Consulting, professionalism and spear fishing with Ulysses Farias 35:04 Sales, parenthood and life in Perth with Mai Hoang 23:30 Jobs in mining and developing business in China with Luiza Klein 32:10