Courage and Spice: the podcast for humans with Self-doubt

Being Anti-capitalist with Bear Hebert

February 16, 2022 Sas Petherick / Bear Hebert Episode 99
Courage and Spice: the podcast for humans with Self-doubt
Being Anti-capitalist with Bear Hebert
Show Notes

I’m thrilled to be talking with Bear Hebert today. They are an anti-capitalist business coach and radical consultant and social justice educator. Bear also has a side hustle teaching men how to unlearn patriarchal bad behaviour. I just love Bear’s work, I am so glad they are here. Last year I purchased Freely – Bear’s anti-capitalist guide to pricing and it was SO helpful and educational - I learned A LOT! I really hope you enjoy this episode.

So what's this episode really about? 

  • Bear talks about how we can make a decent living as a self-employed person and still do right in the world. 
  • They also talk about their own relationship with money.  
  • Capitalism based on paradox you cannot win–keep growing and you can never have enough - we talk through all the alternatives: sustainability and reciprocity and where abundance appears in all this. 
  • Bear offers real, practical advice on your relationship with money when following anti-capitalist values.  

Why you should listen
Most of us who are self-employed will at some point face our relationship with money. Sometimes that’s a bit like wrestling an octopus because you start to see that there are tentacles everywhere–in our family ancestral story, our self-worth, relationship to the planet, what we value, systems of oppression. Bear gives real, honest and practical advice on how your business can better serve your clients with an anti-capitalist lens.

Radical Business Incubator
Freely: the Anti-Capitalist Guide to pricing your work
Marketing for Weirdos
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You can quote me on that
“Poverty is not just a mindset issue.” - Bear Herbert

“I’m trying to survive individually, so I can be in better service of the collective liberation.” - Bear Herbert

“I refuse to be my own bad boss.” - Bear Herbert

“We are sold a story that happiness comes from the more wealth you have, all the research suggests that that’s actually bullshit!” - Sas Petherick

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