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Teens and Self-belief with Maria Evans

January 26, 2022 Episode 95
Courage and Spice: the podcast for humans with Self-doubt
Teens and Self-belief with Maria Evans
Show Notes

Episode 96:  Teens + Self-belief with Maria Evans

I’m here this week with the one and only Maria Evans, a coach and mentor for teens, helping them to own their future, take on challenges in the times ahead as well as making sense of the ones they are dealing with now. I’ve been so excited to talk with Maria because if there is one thing I get asked all the time it’s: ‘how do we install self-belief in our kids?’ I’m not a parent and I don’t really work with teens, but I know that Maria’s experiences as a teacher, her training as a self-belief coach and her wealth of experience as a parent is going to be so helpful to everyone listening, I just adore this woman! The future is in good hands with Maria on board.

So what’s this episode really about?

  • We talk about the different pressures that come up for today’s teens (and no, it not just social media!) 
  • When you get down to the bottom of it, teens problems are the same as they have always been and we talk about the themes that Maria’s teen clients bring to her coaching. 
  • How self-belief is at the route of all these problems and Maria talks about her experiences in the Self-Belief Coaching Academy. 
  • Having a container away from the parent where a teen can offload their problems is hugely beneficial to both parent and teen. 
  • Maria offers her invaluable advice to parents on how to manage the teenage years. 

Why you should listen
Maria talks about how she helps parents let go of some of the control they have on their kids when they are little, gets them to a place where they can safely give permission to their son or daughter to make mistakes, allowing them to fail. If you are micro-managing your teens and have come to the end of your tether, this is the episode for you!

Also, I don’t imagine there are many teenagers listening to this podcast, but if you are, a massive shout out to you too.

The Book Of You:

You can quote me on that!
Maria Evans - “A lot of us have a fear of authority, of getting things right and we somehow think if our kid isn’t handing in their maths homework on time, we are the crap parent.”

Mrs Broadfoot (my wonderful history teacher) - “Just do what you can to revise, I don’t want you peaking in high school.”

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