Opportunity Knocks by EmpowHer Purpose

E65: Samantha Ettus, Founder of Park Place Payments

May 26, 2022 Michelle Valenzuela Wolf Season 3 Episode 65
Opportunity Knocks by EmpowHer Purpose
E65: Samantha Ettus, Founder of Park Place Payments
Show Notes

DID YOU KNOW: Women who leave the workforce for more than 2 years have less than a 50% chance of ever getting a full-time position again...for the rest of their life! My conversation with Samantha Ettus on this week's episode of the Opportunity Knocks podcast was very inspiring and uplifting because she's focused on ensuring that this stat is a thing of the past!

We're heading into the long with an episode that will have you totally rethinking the way you see the world and implementing change to achieve the financial independence you deserve.

My guest this week is Samantha Ettus, award-winning author, mother of 3, serial entrepreneur, and founder of Park Place Payments, a women-owned company fundamentally changing the experience businesses have with their payment processor. She's an advocate for women and all underrepresented communities (that's putting it lightly) in the payments and financial industry.

Our conversation covered topics you definitely want to learn more about including:

💳 Reframing the conversation about raising money for your business, especially for women
💳 How she founded Park Place Payments and turned it into a company that gives opportunities to people who traditionally don't get them
💳 Why women need to start talking more about investing
💳 How to achieve financial freedom
💳 How Park Place Payments is winning with industry-leading customer service
💳 Why women need to prioritize their own dreams and why it's important to model that for your children
💳 And so much more!

Samantha is well down the path of creating a billion-dollar company that is changing the financial industry for the better - on top of the thousands of women's lives she impacted through her books and career. She's the advocate we need and it's a pleasure to share her story with you and help spread the word about everything she's doing. So make sure you give this episode a listen today, tomorrow, or over the long weekend and you're enjoying some much-needed R&R or time with friends and family. This one's a life changer!

Happy Thursday!