Opportunity Knocks by EmpowHer Purpose

E78: Heather Turner, CEO & Co-founder of Tamarack Capital Partners

February 02, 2023 Michelle Valenzuela Wolf Season 4 Episode 78
Opportunity Knocks by EmpowHer Purpose
E78: Heather Turner, CEO & Co-founder of Tamarack Capital Partners
Show Notes

Can you believe it's already February?! We're starting off the 2nd month of the year with a POWERHOUSE female entrepreneur, a good friend of mine, and someone who has an endless amount of advice and inspiring stories for my fellow entrepreneurs! This week on the Opportunity Knocks podcast, I sat down with Heather Turner, the CEO and Co-founder of Tamarack Capital Partners. Heather is a self-made rockstar who has taken a non-linear path to the success she's achieved which is one of the reasons her story is so valuable.

Heather has been involved in several billion dollars of real estate transactions throughout her career and has worked for some of the most storied companies in the world including The Walt Disney Company, Goldman Sachs, and even the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In her current role as the head of Tamarack, she oversees the acquisition, development, and management of hospitality real estate assets. The firm is currently invested in and manages assets valued at approximately $1 billion. She serves on a number of boards, both professional and philanthropic, and is a guest lecturer on real estate investments. Simply put, she's very accomplished, so gracious with her knowledge, and loves to help others seek out the best versions of themselves.

During our chat, Heather provides a lot of actionable advice including:
🔸 how to negotiate successfully
🔸 how small acts are what really lead to large impact
🔸 how women can be successful in male-dominated industries
🔸 when to take on partners in business and how to choose them wisely
🔸 and even some thoughts on how to invest in real estate 🤑

And that's just a sample of this conversation and all the value Heather brought to our amazing audience. It's not often that we get this level of access to someone who has achieved so much in life so trust me when I say, save this episode and listen to it often as you go out and work on your own ventures.

Thank you again to Heather for being so open with us. Don't forget that you can find Heather on LinkedIn and share this episode with your friends so they too can tap into all of this knowledge!

Carpe diem!