Opportunity Knocks by EmpowHer Purpose

E55: Michelle Valenzuela Wolf, Founder of EmpowHer Purpose

January 27, 2022 Michelle Valenzuela Wolf Season 3 Episode 55
Opportunity Knocks by EmpowHer Purpose
E55: Michelle Valenzuela Wolf, Founder of EmpowHer Purpose
Show Notes

Curious to get inside the mind of a Transformational Coach ranked in the top 1% in the United States (as ranked by Yahoo Finance)? Now is your chance! 🤩  What we've learned from our incredible downloads is that people want to keep learning more about me! 

The world-renowned broadcaster now major influencer for women (and my incredibly kind friend) 💫  Lisa Breckenridge   💫  sat down with me to dig deep into my mind and help my listeners learn so much about me! Make sure to tune in if any of these apply to you.👇👇

♦️ You want to explore successful transitions in general and moreover from corporate life to academia to entrepreneurship.

♦️ You're interested in coaching and want to understand what a transformational coach does and how it might help you become the best version of yourself.

♦️ You want to learn more about me on a personal & professional level. 😊

♦️ You curious about the latest at EmpowHer Purpose including our upcoming goal-setting, grounding, and self-confidence events in February!

You're going to learn a lot during this chat (and probably want to work with me and join my workshops 😘). And if you have any questions about the topics we cover, send me a message and let's chat! It may have been a tough start to the year but that doesn't mean I can't help you gain clarity, set goals, discover your purpose, design "YOUR" roadmap, and hold you accountable to create your version of success for 2022!

Lastly, a huge thank you to Lisa for sitting down with me and doing an incredible job of pulling out all these fantastic and interesting nuggets. Clearly her gift! There's definitely a reason she crushed it as a broadcaster and continues to do so via her latest venture, www.happilylisa.com, and as a contributor to "California Live" on NBC! You're an inspiration and I can't wait for our rendezvous at Chez Jay! 😋

Happy Thursday everyone. I hope you enjoy learning more about me and my chat with Lisa! 🤗