Search Dog Podcast, NSDA

E. 6 NSDA PodCon: Cat Warren

November 21, 2021 National Search Dog Alliance Season 1 Episode 6
Search Dog Podcast, NSDA
E. 6 NSDA PodCon: Cat Warren
Show Notes

Welcome to the Search Dog Podcast, brought to you by the National Search Dog Alliance, the voice of canine search and rescue. 

This is the sixth episode of the 2021 National Search Dog Alliance Podcast Conference, an eight-part series on the past, present, and future of canine search and rescue. 

In today's episode, I chat with Cat Warren and we cover some of the science. exciting advances, and future of SAR dogs.

Cat Warren loved teaching at North Carolina State University And she loves watching good scenting dogs, and their trainers at work.

Cat was a newspaper reporter before she became a professor: Covering crime, poverty, the environment, and politics across the U.S. In the late 1980s, When she took a break from journalism to teach a university editing class, she found it fit her, so She went back to school to get her doctorate. 

Cat retired in July from North Carolina State University, where she taught a variety of creative nonfiction, editing, and science journalism classes.

She blames her former dog, Solo, for her book, What the Dog Knows. He became her homework when they began training as a cadaver dog team. She is still learning about the world of 

scent-detection dogs.

She and her husband, David, live with a young German Shepherd, Rev, who is just starting in scent detection work. They love gardening, cooking, bread baking—and of course, living and working with dogs.

What the Dog Knows and its reimagined Young Readers Edition are her first, but not the last of her nonacademic books. She is currently working on a novel, which she finds incredibly immersive. And of course, it will feature dogs!

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