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Plus or Minus: The Fudge RPG podcast
First Episode
May 06, 2018 Troy Truchon
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Hello and welcome to Plus or Minus, the Fudge hacking podcast. In this, my very first episode of the show, I give a brief overview of Fudge, its relationship to Fate, and what I've gleaned of that transition from FudgeFactor. I thought it was important to cover this topic as a sort of bonus episode zero for folks coming to Fudge, Fate, or Icons late in the game so they kind of understand the relationships therein. Episodes to follow will dig into more of the mechanics of Fudge in all its varied forms.

... Did you hear me say wroten?

The Music is Hungarian Rag - One-Step by Edison Military Band Publication date 1913 Usage Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike


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