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A Magical Medley, Review, Part 1
July 22, 2018 Troy Truchon
So actually, I am going to review a Magical Medley.

I've been busy lately, which is why this is coming out a week late. The next episode should come out on time because this is actually one episode split into two parts for time. I kind of rambled a bit, and got off topic here and there, but I decided to keep it all in since I feel like its of some interest to my listeners.

This is a pretty extensive review of A Magical Medley from Grey Ghost Games. The review was prompted by some questions on the Discord about magic systems in Fudge. This book is a collection of different magical systems influenced by real world myths, Fantasy, and Science Fantasy. The book also contains an introductory adventure.

Since nobody seems that interested in using the voicemail number I'm going to focus more on the Discord, so come join us there to discuss Fudge... and to a lesser extent other RPGs.


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